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The impact of mindfulness and meditation on addiction recovery

Addiction is something that has no escape and needs to be cured as soon as possible. From the first time to sometimes frequent consumption of alcohol or drugs start and soon from just a try, it becomes an addiction. An addiction commonly known as substance abuse disorder damages the person from within, making them addicted, and can only be left with the help of the right kind of treatment and care. battle against addiction is not easy but very challenging, be it when dealing with it or in the recovery process.

Addictions are often hidden behind the reason of stress, those who tend to have stressful lives consume substances stating that these substances help the body to cool and think in a feeling of peace, however, this is completely a wrong theory that the doctors and the addiction specialist have denied that it is just a way of being an addict all the life. The right kind of treatment along with a focus on other mental awareness practices like

  • Painting
  • Dance
  • yoga
  • therapy sessions
  • And behavioral sessions

Importance of mindfulness

One of the major and the most important mental awareness practice that is followed most by mental health facilities is that of mindfulness. A state where the brain focuses on mediating oneself rather than submerging their thoughts in the chaotic mess of the world. It popular with providing its certain elements in the form of-

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Acceptance and Comitment therapy.

Mindfulness is a state that enables to individuals to understand themselves in a more precise and elaborate way away but still be aware of their surroundings, helping them to experience the inner self and having their own invisibilized yet controlled responses to the situations. It simply implies to the goal of an individual becoming self sufficient in every situation rather than being attached to a level that can break you as a person again.

It helps the individual learn the importance of self discipline and self meditate by spending time with oneself, abysizing yourself and trying to improve yourself through several ways that can lead to ultimate goal and progress towards the future.

Having a self peace is essential which is taught in the the migfullnes that aims at disconnecting oneself from the expectations from people, attachments and focusing one simple goal of individual growth and mental peace.best way to ensure is slowing the pace of things in terms of acquiring it ,by rushing towards it leaving yourself behind.mindfulness is a state when you start to look at the world through things that makes it a place to live and love, away from the materialistic aspect. Nature, animals, and plants are ways a person connects to their roots and gets connected to just to the earth but to himself too. This is a feeling that can not be felt when achieving any material aspect.

Allowing the beauty of the world to fill yourself is important so that nothing can pollute your consciousness and the world is a better place to be in.

Nothing comes on a platter, if you are out in this even peace comes at a cost- meditating yourself, eating healthy food having a good company, ensuring a regular physical activity, and enjoying time with the nature are a must.

Role of meditation

Meditation bears focus and self-awareness, to live a decent healthy, and stable life the primary step towards is to understand yourself and the only way that makes this possible is by meditating even for a few minutes makes a lot of difference. You begin to look at and approach the world entirely differently. There is suddenly so much of self-content that the validation from others, not their judgemental remarks, would make any sort of difference.

It is important to understand every one of his one life spending it in developing addictions, thinking what others perceive of us is just a simple waste of time, but being good to yourself, focusing on growth spending time with nature and animals, and meditating is a way of utilizing to the most the life provided to you.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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