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The Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame is a monument, an observatory, and a museum. It is located in the Zabeel Park area in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Designed by Spanish architect Fernando Donis, it is a modern landmark that is the largest frame in the world.

Location in Zabeel Park

The Dubai Frame is an iconic landmark of heritage and technology. This 150-meter-long, 93-meter-wide, and 95-meter-wide structure is located in Zabeel Park in Karama. Its unique structure and alignment of glass buildings create a captivating spectacle of the city’s modern and old-fashioned sides.

If you’re planning a trip to Dubai, you’ll want to add the Dubai Frame to your list of must-see places. With its eye-catching design and impressive views of the Arabian Gulf, the Frame is an amazing place to explore.

There are several ways to get to the Dubai Frame. Aside from bus services, the Red Line on the metro is another option. Once you arrive at the Al Jafiliya metro station, you’ll be able to get to the Zabeel Park and the Dubai Frame.

Design by Fernando Donis

If you’ve ever wondered who designed the Dubai Frame, the answer is Mexican-born architect Fernando Donis. Donis won an international design competition for the city in 2008. The winning entry was a white steel frame with a transparent floor that aims to complement the skyline of the Middle Eastern city.

However, the contract between the city and Donis was far from straightforward. As part of the agreement, Donis was prevented from entering the construction site or promoting the design himself. Instead, he was told to work with a local consultant.

Donis has since filed a lawsuit in the United States, alleging that Dubai is using his design without his permission. The lawsuit argues that the city violated the terms of the competition and Donis’ intellectual property rights.

Glass skywalk deck

A 93-meter-long glass skywalk deck connects the two sides of the Dubai Frame. Guests can take in the panoramic views of the city’s skyline. The Glass Walkway cafe serves hot coffee and tasty desserts.

Visitors can also enjoy the fountain show on the Dubai Frame. The show is composed of Arabic songs and contemporary music. It is less spectacular than the palm fountain in Palm Jumeirah.

To get to the Frame, you can either take a taxi or the Red Line Metro service. Line Bus 33 takes about 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can opt for a 10-minute taxi ride from Al Jafiliya Metro Station. Regardless of

which mode of transportation you use, tickets should be purchased in advance. Tickets cost AED 50 for adults and AED 20 for kids.

Museum on the mezzanine floor

The Dubai Frame Museum on the mezzanine floor is a fascinating museum that shows how the city of Dubai has transformed from a small fishing village to a global metropolis. It combines special effects and 3D projections to offer a multi-sensory experience.

Visitors can purchase tickets for the Dubai Frame online or from Get Your Guide. Tickets cost AED 50 for adults and AED 20 for children. They are issued in half hour slots. For those who are interested in visiting this landmark structure, it is recommended to buy their tickets in advance.

Located in Zabeel Park, Dubai Frame is a unique tourist attraction that offers visitors an immersive experience. With a 93-metre glass bridge, visitors can see old and new Dubai at the same time.

Price for adults and children

The Dubai Frame is a giant photo frame that celebrates the early establishment of the city of Dubai. This amazing attraction is a new attraction that opened in January 2018. It is one of the most popular attractions in Dubai. The photo frame features multimedia displays that tell the story of the city’s past and future. Visitors can learn about the evolution of Dubai through the different multimedia exhibits.

In addition to its many multimedia exhibits, the Dubai Frame also offers bird’s eye views of the city. Children under three years old get in for free. As for entry tickets, they cost AED 50 for adults and Dhs30 for kids. Purchasing tickets online saves time and ensures the cheapest rate.

However, to get the best experience from the Dubai Frame, it is recommended to buy tickets in advance. You will then be able to choose the date and time that you want to visit.

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