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The Complete Guide to Eyebrows: From Shape to Color

One can easily spot the person with naturally beautiful eyebrows from a distance. As much as we all want our eyebrows to look natural and not drawn on, it’s not always easy to achieve. Fortunately, many hair products nowadays come with eyebrow-friendly formulas that help you achieve that natural looking brow outline.

Eyebrows are often overlooked, but they play a significant role in your appearance. They frame your eyes, add definition and balance out facial features. If you have unruly or sparse brows, an overactive browhillives you; if they’re too much and work against your look, they detract from it.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about grooming your brows so that they look great every day of the week.

What are Eyebrows?

An eyebrow is a natural growth of hair above the eye, just like the hair on your head. Eyebrows are a key component of facial symmetry and attractiveness. They frame the eyes and help to frame the face by extending towards the temples. They also add a little definition and help to balance facial features such as the nose and lips. The shape and colour of your brows can significantly alter your overall look.

With a little know-how, you can shape and colour your brows to look younger, more vibrant and even more striking. You don’t need to pluck or wax your brows every week to maintain their shape and style.

Growing brows tend to naturally increase in thickness and hair density, so shaping them every two or three weeks will help maintain the shape and style of your brows without over-shaping them and removing too much hair.

Types of Eyebrow Shaping Products

  • Eye brow pencil
  • Eye brow powder
  • Eye brow brush
  • Eye brow wax
  • Eye brow shading pencil
  • Eye brow pomade
  • Eye brow adhesive
  • Eye brow stencil
  • Eye brow tattoo
  • Eye brow razor
  • Eye brow shadow
  • Eye brow liner
  • Eyebrow stencil cleaner
  • Eyebrow spoolies
  • Eyebrow wax remover pads
  • Eyebrow combs
  • Eyebrow scissors
  • Eyebrow tweezers
  • Eyebrow cream
  • Eye brow extensions
  • Eye brow removal

How to Dampen brow hair

To begin grooming your brows, you’ll need to dampen your brow hair first. This makes shaping your brows much easier, as it softens the hair, making it easier to comb through. Use a brow shampoo or a cleanser and lightly dab the product onto your brows. Do not rub it or scrub it into your brows.

Gently massage the product into your brows to help remove any excess oil and to help lift any remaining traces of makeup. Once your brows are clean and free of excess oil, go over them with a brow brush. You can use your fingers to help hold the brush and brush the hair, but try to avoid tugging on the roots as this can damage your brows.

How to shape brows

There are many different ways to shape your brows and many products to help. It’s important to remember that brows are made up of different types of hair, each with its own shape. 

  • Defining your brow shapes 
  • Arch shaping 
  • Combination shaping 
  • Reinforcing brows with a brow liner
  • Eyebrow embroidery (Check eyebrow embroidery price)

Tips for grooming your brows everyday

Clean brows before and after grooming. Make sure that you clean your brows thoroughly and that you use a suitable eyebrow cleanser. If your brows are stained, you’ll need to clean them thoroughly before you can shape or groom them.

Let your brows grow for a few days before grooming them. This will give you a better idea of the shape that you want and allow the hair to grow out. Use a brow brush to help shape your brows. You can use a brow brush to gently shape your brows, to help keep them in the desired shape and to gently remove any stray hairs.

Remember to groom your brows when they’re dry. While your brow hair is naturally curly, it will be a lot easier to comb and shape your brows when they’re dry. Use a brow comb to remove any stray hairs from your brows. Again, brow combs are best used when they’re dry. Shaping your brows takes a bit of practice. Once you’ve groomed your brows, don’t touch them for a few hours so that they can dry out and harden.


Eyebrows can make or break an entire makeup look. You can easily transform your look with the perfect pair of eyebrows. As you can see, there are many things to consider when grooming your brows. They can be difficult to shape, but with some practice, they can look amazing.

You don’t want to over-pluck or wax your brows, as this can lead to unsightly gaps and bald patches. Instead, groom them every couple of weeks, using the tips and techniques above to help you maintain their shape and style.

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