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The Complete Guide to Artificial Flower Decorations for Home

Introduction: How Artificial Flowers Are Filling A Niche In The Modern Home 

Flowers are a great home décor option. But are you worried about the mess flowers make once they die? Do you tend to skip renewing your flower décor stack after every few days? If you answered yes to these questions, we already have a solution for you: artificial flowers! That right. Fake flowers have become a popular home décor idea in recent years. Fake flowers for home decoration come in a variety of designs, shapes, colours, textures, and sizes.  

Saving Money with Artificial Flowers – Pros and Cons of Fake Flowers 

Artificial flowers are sustainable home décor options. Given below are some of the pros and cons of using fake flower decorations at your home or in your office.

Pros of using artificial flowers are:

  1. Cost Effective– Fake Flowers are cost-effective. In the Indian market, a good fake flower decoration costs approximately Rs 800. 
  2. Easy Maintenance– Artificial flowers are easy to maintain. They require minimum attention. Remember to dry wash them once or twice every month, or as required. You can use a wet cloth to scrub the surface gently. 
  3. Repairable- Fake flowers are easy to repair. If any petal or branch falls out, you can use any adhesive available in the market and repair it yourself. This does not require you to be handy with DIY or art and craft skills. It is a basic job and requires only a few minutes of your time. Moreover, with time, when certain parts of the fake flower decoration will come off, you can always add accessories and make it appear new again. For example, if you own a fake flower table-top tree, the “ground” of the tree is beginning to look old, you can always put a few pebbles or small stones on the ground and make it new again. These simple techniques are easy to execute and go a long way to keep your decorations intact.
  4. Durability

Artificial flowers are very durable. Due to their artificial means of production, it lasts a long time. The different parts of an artificial flower decoration can be changed manually with minimal DIY skills. To do so, you can simply change the colour of the leaves, petals or any other components of the decoration to match your current interior or home décor. 


Since fake flower decorations are durable and long-lasting, this makes them a sustainable option.  

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Cons of using artificial flowers are:

  1. Material– The material used to make the fake flowers might cause irritability to some because of the source of the material. Thus, it is very important to buy such items from trusted and branded stores. 
  2. Not Pet-Friendly– If you are a pet owner, you might want to keep an extra eye all the time on your pets. Your furry friends won’t know that the flowers are fake and might end up chewing them or attempting to do so. This might cause potential threats to your pets. Thus, if you have pets at home, always purchase artificial flower decorations from sustainable sources, where the materials used for making these decorations are non-toxic for both humans and animals. It is also helpful to mention pet-friendly decorations at the time of purchase.

Artificial Flower Decorations for Every Style of Home

Artificial flower decorations come in a wide range of types. It includes every type of flower- succulents, different pothos, mostera species, dangling plants and many more. The industry has grown to include other various decorations like decorative flower bunches, decorative bouquets, wall-mounting flower decorations, stand-alone flower pots, and many more. These decorative flowers do not look natural, rather these are imparted with colours, glitters and other decorative accessories of different types to match the home decoration styles. 

Given below are some ideas and inspirations for style-specific home decorations:

  1. Wall-Mount asymmetrical flower decoration– This is a wall-mount decoration. It involves any asymmetrically shaped wire, or other durable material, as the base for wall mount. The asymmetrical frame is carved and decorated using flowers of leaves. It can have a mixture of leaf patterns or consist of a single type of leaves or flowers. This decorative idea provides warmth to the space, keeping it minimal. This design inspo is best suited for contemporary and rustic-style homes. 
  2. Natural Spring Rose Floral Decoration– This decoration is versatile and goes well with most home décors. You can put the spring roses in a vase of your choice. These spring roses will look great as a table-top décor, a cornered décor, or as a wall-mount décor. 
  3. Artificial Pothos Arrangement– These floral arrangements are usually small in size and look best hung near a windowsill. It goes with almost every home décor. This can be hung from your balcony or in your living room. This minimal décor also goes well to add some colour to a library or a reading room.

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How to Keep Your Artificial Flower Bouquets Looking Fresh? 

There are several, and easy, ways to keep your artificial flower bouquets looking fresh for long. Some of the best ways to store floral bouquet are given below:

  1. Clean Regularly– As the name suggests, these floral decorations should be cleaned regularly with a damp cloth or tissue to maintain their luster and longevity. Simply wipe the surfaces to give it a new look. Find cobwebs and clean those out.
  2. Spray with a fragrance– After you are done cleaning, spray with a fragrance of your choice This will keep the flower décor smelling fresh and like new. For the spray mixture, we recommend taking 2 parts fragrance and 1 part rose water. 

Conclusion: The Benefits of Using Artificial Flowers at Home

Artificial flowers are hassle-free, durable, cheap and long-lasting. These properties make the artificial flower a popular home décor. It creates almost zero mess and upgrades your living space. 

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