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The Best Shisha Flavours | Choose Your Favourite One

Al-Fakher is one of the most well-known shishas, so everyone knows about it. Their products are made with the best kinds of tobacco, which every smoker should try. In this piece, we’ll talk about what Al-Fakher is. How do you get Al-Fakher? How to pack the best shisha flavours from Al-Fakher?

We will tell you what the shisha flavours mixes are. Finally, we chose the best Al-Fakher flavours, and you’ll get a full list and review. After reading this article, you’ll know which flavours we and many other fans of this well-known brand think are the best.

1. AL-Fakher- Grape With Mint:

If you like the fruit taste, you should try the Al Fakher (Grape with Mint) Flavor. It is a great choice for people who like the taste of grapes and want a hint of mint in the background.

This flavour tastes and smells a lot like grapes, which makes it one of the best Al-Fakher flavours on our list. It doesn’t contain tobacco, so it’s perfect for people who have never smoked before but want to try a shisha. Grape with Mint Flavor is the best choice for smokers who have never tried a fruit and mint mix flavour.

2. AL-Fakher- Gum Shisha Flavour:

This review’s editor chose the Bubble Gum flavour because it is by far the best Al-Fakher flavour we have tried. This is the flavour to choose if you want your mouth to explode with different fruit tastes and give you a rich bubblegum taste when you smoke.

Many customer reviews on different websites say that the Al-Fakher non-tobacco bubblegum flavour is the best flavour to give to a new user. People who have never tried shisha smoking fall in love with it almost immediately because of its rich, enticing taste.

The sweet taste of mixed fruits and how easy it is to smoke make this flavour stand out. It is also one of the few flavours that can be smoked for a long time without adding more flavour to the hookah. Also, the bubblegum flavour makes a thick cloud of smoke, perfect for cloud blowing and ring blowing.

No matter how much experience you have smoking shisha flavours, there are no reports of people choking on the flavour. If you’ve never smoked shisha before, this is the flavour we think you should start with.

3. Al-Fakher- Blueberry Shisha Flavour:

Oranges and blueberries don’t usually go together on a plate unless you’re having a continental breakfast or just like to eat healthily. We put these two flavours together to see what would happen because they are on opposite ends of the flavour spectrum regarding food and hookah.

Just say that good thing happen. When the bright citrus notes and sweet blueberry smell meet, they create a unique orange-berry taste. We don’t mix the shisha before putting it on this mix. It tastes better when the pieces are next to each other or stacked on top of each other.

4. Al-Fakher- Kiwi Shisha Flavour:

How’s your day going? The kind where you don’t want to think about the proportions and flavours needed to make a good shisha mix? Say no more; we’ve got you covered with a mix we call “Fuhgetaboutit”.

Watermelon and kiwi go well together, but the Citrus Mint makes this mix stand out. The mix is finished as long as these three flavours are in the bowl. There’s no real way to cook this other than telling people not to eat it.

With the help of this article, you will know everything you need about shisha flavours. Our full guide tells you everything you need to know before buying. Remember that there are many different flavours to choose from. What we like might not be what we like.

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