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The Best Screen Protectors for Your iPhone 14

Typically, the screen on an iPhone is not protected by a cover. They don’t really keep them safe, to put it another way. If you drop your iPhone, many cases contain bumpers that will prevent damage to the screen, but if you accidentally bump into something or drop your iPhone on a hard surface, the glass will likely break. A screen protector is designed for just such an occasion.

To keep your iPhone’s display from getting scratched or cracked, you can use a screen protector, which is a thin piece of engineer glass. It’s important to note, nevertheless, that iPhone screen protector prices can vary widely. The reason for this is that every screen protector advertises superior technology and more functionality.

Where to Look

What percentage of the screen does it occupy? Unfortunately, the notch means that certain custom screen protectors for the iPhone do not cover the entire screen. A front camera system is more susceptible to damage from scratches if there is a cutout for it.

More expensive screen protectors typically include manufactured glass with added capabilities like glare and privacy shields, as well as an antibacterial coating. The price of a screen protector usually rises in proportion to the number of features it offers.

Devices and their corresponding assembly sets:

The most nerve-wracking part of placing a screen protector on your smartphone is making sure it’s oriented properly and there are no bubbles underneath. The vast majority of screen protectors come with their own installation kits, but if you’re still nervous about doing it yourself, you can pay a modest charge at some electronics retailers (like Best Buy) to have someone else do it for you.

Can an iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protector be Used Together?

The short answer is “possibly,” though we do advise having a screen protector made specifically for your iPhone model.

Because of their identical 6.1-inch displays, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are mistaken for one another’s displays, but their measurements are slightly off; the Pro’s display is somewhat higher and wider. As a result, a screen protector designed for the iPhone 14 should still fit the iPhone 14 Pro, though we still advise investing in protection designed for the iPhone 14 Pro.

The iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max follow the same reasoning. Both are 6.7 inches in diameter, but one is slightly larger than the other “displays, and if you want the best possible fit, you should buy one that is tailored to your particular iPhone model.

The Best Screen Protectors for iPhone 14

Optic+ Nano Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 14

Using our nanometer-thin hybrid film/tempered glass technology, the Optic+ Nano-Glass screen protector offers a high level of protection, and it was made specifically for the Apple iPhone 14. The oleophobic coating on your screen protector helps prevent unwanted fingerprint smudges.


Optic+ Nano-Glass is a novel material that successfully marries the rigidity and durability of tempered glass screen protectors with the adaptability and slimness of film.

Optic+ Nano-Glass is a multi-layer material with exceptional resilience and flexibility thanks to a layer of tempered glass sandwiched between two layers of flexible film.

When you purchase an Optic+ Nano-Glass screen protector, you can rest assured that your device’s display will be safe from damage caused by scratches, scuffs, and drops thanks to the protector’s ability to absorb impact.

Unrestricted Viewing Pleasure

Each and every touch is translated precisely for a flawless touchscreen experience made possible by the multi-layer glass and film composition that responds much like your phone’s own screen. With an optical transparency of 99.9%, this screen protector is nearly undetectable.

What to expect in the pack

Apple iPhone 14 Screen Protector, Optic+ Nano-Glass

Scratch-free cleaning rags

Eliminating Dust Stickers

Procedures are simple to understand and implement. Instructions

Protective Film for Nano-Glass Screens

The multi-layer construction of our Nano-Glass Screen Protectors ensures maximum security without sacrificing clarity or the convenience of its oleophobic coating for the prevention of fingerprints.

Nano-multilayer Glass’s construction makes it more flexible than standard slate-style tempered glass screen protectors, reducing the likelihood of cracks and splinters.

BROTECT AirGlass Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 14

BROTECT’s exclusive Nano Glass AirGlass Despite being 2 times smaller and lighter than competing tempered glass protectors, it is also more flexible than any other glass protector now available.

It maintains touch-screen and multi-touch sensitivity while providing a crisp, undistorted image of the display thanks to its Ultra-Light characteristics and High-Transparency. With the added Anti-Fingerprint layer, grime and fingerprints are less likely to leave unsightly marks. The adhesive backing guarantees a simple, bubble-free installation on your Apple iPhone 14. Please be aware that some of our protectors are purposefully cut slightly smaller than the display to account for the curved edges of some displays.

It comes with a Polishing Cloth, Alcohol Wipe, and Alignment Tool with the BROTECT AirGlass Glass Screen Protector for the Apple iPhone 14.

Optic+ Anti-Glare Screen Protector for iPhone 14

Our nanometer-thin film is custom-made for the Apple iPhone 14, and it serves as the basis for the Optic+ Anti-Glare screen protector, which offers excellent protection. You can see the screen well even in strong sunlight or indoor lighting thanks to the Anti-Glare coating.

The oleophobic coating on your screen protector helps prevent unwanted fingerprint smudges.


With Optic+ Anti-Glare, reflections and glare are drastically diminished. A device’s display is less affected by direct sunlight or other intense lights because to the matte coating, which absorbs and redirects the light.

Optic+ Anti-Glare screen protectors are shock-absorbing and scratch-resistant, making them ideal for use in the great outdoors. This includes the farm, the golf course, the lake, and other similar locations.

Unrestricted Viewing Pleasure

The Anti-Glare film provides precision touch sensitivity that responds much like your phone’s own screen, so your touches are translated precisely for a seamless touchscreen experience.

In the pack

Apple iPhone 14 Optic+ Anti-Glare Screen Protector

Cloth for Polishing

Anti-smear wipes

Eliminating Dust Stickers

Instruction manual

Glass Screen Protectors with Anti-Reflective Coatings

It takes multiple layers and different types of materials to create an anti-glare screen protector. The screen protector is made from PET, which provides strength and transparency while also being scratch and impact resistant.

The Nano-Texture (also spelt “Matte,” “AR,” or “Anti-Glare”) layer lessens the amount of light reflected from your screen, resulting in a more legible image in direct sunlight.

The guard sticks firmly and removes cleanly thanks to the silicon-based, non-toxic adhesive.

6x Savvies SU75 Screen Protector for iPhone 14

The Savvies SU75 UltraClear Screen Protector for the Apple iPhone 14 is a nearly invisible layer of excellent anti-scratch protection.

High Transparency

This screen protector’s high level of transparency keeps your display’s sharpness and clarity intact while allowing colours to remain true to life.

Touch screen compatibility

This screen protector keeps your device’s touch sensitivity and multi-touch functionality intact.

Excellent Adhesion

Easy application and long-lasting hold are guaranteed with a one-of-a-kind silicon adhesive. Please be aware that some of our protectors are purposefully cut slightly smaller than the display to account for the curved edges of some displays.

Savvies SU75 Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 14 with Application Kit (Polishing Cloth/Alcohol Wipe/Alignment Kit) and Instructions

Not an iPhone user? Feel free to check out our range of top screen protectors for other brands by clicking this link.

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