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The Best Dresses to Buy In 2023

It’s very easy to go right with dresses…but it’s only that much easier to go wrong too! It’s very important to understand one’s style, personality, choices, fashion preferences to determine which kinds of dresses for women would look great on them. Some people, due to their natural liking towards muted tones and minimal styles, would prefer and look great in classic dresses – and very instantly would be uncomfortable if asked to experiment with bold prints and patterns. The same applies to those who adore experimenting with dresses and love trying on an array of new styles – from statement prints to standout cutouts or pop-hued bodycons to even juxtaposed and abstract printed maxis accompanied by a halter. The best way to choose the correct dress and build a versatile dresses’ wardrobe and still flaunt it as a great style is to constantly discover, solidify and build on your own personal style.

Well, all of it may sound daunting, but trust us, it really isn’t. To ease into your own style is a gradual process, but it is also the most incredibly fun activity you will resort to. And once you’ve cracked the code of your own personal style, donning and collecting the perfect dresses and compliment-attracting styles is going to be a breeze and an absolute piece of cake.

Read on to know how you can build the most impressive fashion-police approved dresses’ wardrobe:

1. Eye-Catching Hues

Gone are the days when blacks and whites were the go-to colours for anything between work and wine. As the times change, people’s perspective on accepting and flaunting bold colours also has changed. In the recent trends we’ve seen people give a warm welcome to pop, eye-catching hues – which is why we suggest you add a solid coloured dress to your mix. Start off with our Purple Satin Front Tie Dress. The purple is a lovely-to-look-at shade while being extremely on-trend, too. It goes perfectly well with fairly most skin tones and pairs well with multi-toned jewels as well. So, if you’re looking at bringing in a coloured piece that’s not too overpowering, consider this dress as the one for you.

2. Midriff Friendly

Nothing comes closer than a perfect fit. No matter how gorgeous the embroidery, the silhouette or the details might be – if the fit isn’t right, the dress is a complete no. Your best bet for any dress is one that is midriff friendly. These can range from either bodycons to A-Line dresses or even fishtail-style maxis. All in all, when you’re seeking a new dress that’s perfect for you and makes you feel great, make sure it fits great – especially at the midriff – because that’s what makes or breaks a good dress. Our Monogram Key Print Wrap Dress makes for a great midriff-friendly choice.

3. Statement Cut Outs

What’s life without a little bit of interesting drama? We’re applying the same motto for when it comes to buying dresses! It’s very, very essential to have your dresses’ wardrobe have one piece that boasts drama. And the best way to inculcate this? Bringing home statement cut outs! We’re taking keyhole cutouts, delicate waist cutouts, or even simply a back cutout with a tie up. These statement cutouts do a great job at elevating even a simple solid dress. See for yourself with our very chic Navy Cut Out Tiered Maxi Dress.

4. Innovative Prints

We know prints aren’t everyone’s first choice when it comes to dresses. But it’s no harm to give it a go or to have at least one piece that boasts a minimal yet statement-making print in your dresses’ wardrobe. You can either choose one that’s monotone and muted or something that’s got a splash of colour and bolder, larger prints – any that accentuates your personal style. Our recommendation would be the Abstract Print Shirt Dress that makes for a great prints addition to your wardrobe. It’s not too overpowering, it’s versatile and pairs well with a range of colours and accessories. It’s also well-fitted for many kinds of occasions.

5. Detailed Embroidery

An instant spotlight-stealer is a dress that boasts lovely embroidery – be it cotton, beadwork, sequin or metalwork. It’s timeless, it’s beautiful, it’s a must-have. It’s those kinds of dresses that you save for a great occasion – which means you most definitely need to have one in your wardrobe. A great embroidered piece is our White Embroidered Yoke Dress – it’s simple, comfortable and the perfect pick for a summer’s day out. Wear it with either cutesy flats or neutral-toned brogues along with silver jewels for a complete look!

There you go! Here are the ideal picks to build a sought-after dresses’ wardrobe.
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Junaid Awan
Junaid Awan
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