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The Best California Water Parks for a Fun-Filled Day

The Best Water Parks in California for a Fun-Filled Day

If you’re looking to cool off this summer, then the best way to do that might be with a trip to one of California’s water parks! Here are the top three in the state (in no particular order): Raging Waters in San Dimas, Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, and Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Valencia. There are tons of other parks out there as well, so if you visit them all, you’ll definitely have your fill of watery fun.

Why we love Raging Waters

We loved the rides that give you an adrenaline rush, like surf rider and Montana, but there are many other options. We loved that they have both family friendly water slides and the option to do death-defying stunts on some of their thrill machines. One thing we noticed was the generous amount of shade throughout the park–I would highly recommend packing sunscreen, especially if you plan on spending more than a few hours. Wild Water Adventure Park is another water park not far from us with excellent reviews, and if you’re feeling up to it, Laguna Hills also has an amazing waterpark with 34 slides!

Raging Waters stands out as a great park no matter which of the three locations you visit, and most of that has to do with the high variety of rides. Whether you’re going for a casual stroll or a heart-pounding run, Raging Waters has multiple options for everyone. Surf City includes everything from relaxing water slides to challenging surfboards. Wild Water Adventure Park is more geared towards thrill seekers and has one of the largest and most thrilling waterslides in Southern California. The water park is also set against rustic oak trees and tall grasslands, providing guests with an opportunity to cool off amid stunning natural beauty.

When is the best time to go?

Though you may not know this, June through September is the best time to visit any water park, but specifically Raging Waters. On weekends and some weekdays, the water parks open at 11 am, so those who love the early bird and really want to get wet will have ample opportunity. For families with young children, you might opt to go on weekdays during the day to make sure everyone is comfortable with being in the water. If you have older kids who don’t mind getting soaked from head to toe—or if you are one of them yourself—then feel free to go on Saturdays or Sundays when they open at 10 am so they can enjoy all of their favorite rides before they close.

How much does it cost?

If you want to be able to experience all of the things that make Raging Waters great, then we recommend purchasing a one-day pass. The price will vary depending on where you choose to buy it. For example, if you buy at the entrance, it will cost $39 while if you choose to buy it online ahead of time, it will cost $33.

What can I expect when I arrive?

As you drive up to Raging Waters, the first thing you’ll notice is the park’s entrance. Unlike most other parks, at Raging Waters there are three entrances. One of them leads to an arcade with lots of shops and restaurants while the other two lead to water slides. Visitors who visit after 5pm can also enjoy Laser Tag and Lazer Maze on Friday and Saturday nights!

How long will it take me to see everything?

We know how much you all love water parks, and it seems that no matter where you live there’s at least one within an hour or two of your home. The best thing about living in California is the number of water parks, which are perfect when the summer heat just won’t let up.

Raging Waters stands out as a great park no matter which of the three locations you visit, and most of that has to do with the high variety of rides. Whether you’re going for a casual stroll or a heart-pounding run, Raging Waters has multiple options for everyone.

FAQ about your favorite water parks

1. What are your most popular water slides?

2. Do you offer any free tickets or deals to locals?

3. Is there a particular area that’s better than the others?

4. Where is the parking lot located, and do I need to pay for parking?

Where is water park in California?

Water parks are one of the more unique attractions in the state of California, with so many other things to do that require sand and surf. The closest water park to Los Angeles is Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. This is an excellent family choice as there are numerous rides perfect for children, but it’s also home to some fun adults-only rides, such as Skull Island Rapids or Shipwreck Falls. For those looking for something a little different and less pricey, Wet’n’Wild Palm Springs might be just what you need. Unlike Hurricane Harbor, this water park can only be accessed via shuttle from Palm Springs and is best for travelers who have time on their hands.

Whats bigger Soak City or Raging Waters?

Soak City vs. Raging Waters. The real question, then, is which of these two water parks offers the better day out? Between the three Soak City locations and six Raging Waters areas, it can be hard to decide which one is best suited to your needs. Consider this guide your primer on all things water park.

Which city has the largest indoor water park?

Indoor water parks are a great option to have year round, especially during the hot summer months. They also make great places to spend time when the weather is too cold and rainy to enjoy more outdoor attractions. The best indoor water park on the west coast is at Six Flags in Vallejo, which offers not only attractions but plenty of restaurants and cafes. To learn more about this place read my blog post!

What should you wear to a water park?

A water park is the perfect summer getaway. You’ll have the opportunity to cool off from the hot sun and play with your friends while getting on some of the best rides you can find. But before you go, make sure you remember these tips to keep yourself safe and stay fashionable!

– Swimsuits: This is a no brainer – wear them! As long as they are comfortable, what’s more important than making sure everyone can see that you took some time out of your day to lather up? When shopping for swimsuits, be sure to look through lots of styles to find one that suits your personality best!

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