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Easy Ways to Take Out Furniture Dents from Your Rug

Rearranging the furniture in a room may be a fun activity that gives it fresh energy.

There’s only one problem as you stand on your luxurious rug admiring your job.


When you move a piece of furniture, you’re bound to find something unexpected—maybe an unexpected change, that is, missing earrings you’ve been grieving for months or unattractive dents where furniture legs once sat. 

Your rug can have dents from the extended, severe pressure that seems tragically irreversible whether you purchase them from a well-known rug retailer or a local retailer offering a discount rug.

Fortunately, you can quickly restore your rug’s appearance by following the easy steps mentioned below.

Supplies You’ll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Towel
  • Cloth iron (if needed)
  • Spray bottle (if needed)
  • Vacuum


  • Cubes of ice
  • Water (if needed)


  1. Put An Ice Cube Over The Dent

Use as many ice cubes as necessary to cover the dent’s surface area completely. (There might be a formula for the ratio of the dent to an ice cube, but none of us are mathematicians or scientists, so we’ll trust you to eyeball it!

  1. Wait

You may have to wait for one to several hours, depending on the size of your dent and the thickness of your carpeting.

  1. Eliminate Extra Moisture

Dab your carpeting with a towel to remove extra moisture once the ice has melted. (Thicker rugs or carpets will require this more than others.)

  1. Fluff Up the Rug’s Fibers

Use your fingers or a fork to fluff up the rug’s crushed strands. A wonderful approach to make sure that all the moisture has been removed from the rug and that the fibers are standing up tall and straight as they should be is to vacuum over the area.

Why the Ice Trick Is Effective

The strands in your carpeting absorb the ice cube’s melting condensation. These compressed fibers expand back to their original shape after absorbing moisture. While they might not fully stand up, you can restore those fibers to their former grandeur with a kitchen tool or your fingers.


Before you begin to soak up any potential mess, we advise putting a towel down under your rug if you have a large rug ding that needs numerous ice cubes. It will safeguard the subfloor.

Other Techniques for Dent Removal from Your Rug

No concerns if you don’t have any ice cubes on hand. You have other options for removing those annoying dents from your carpets. And strangely enough, they use heat instead of ice to accomplish their goals. To remove the ding, get your dependable iron. You may also try using a spray bottle and blow dryer to fluff the fibers. Here is how each approach functions:

  1. Make Use of an Iron

You can also get good results by rubbing the dent in your piece of furniture with the steam from your clothes iron. The iron should be filled with water and set to the highest setting. 

Hold your iron four to six inches above it to apply consistent amounts of steam to the dent without burning or soaking it. (To be clear, you are only creating steam and not ironing the rug.) When the carpet is sufficiently damp and feels warm to the touch, you can fluff up the fibers and vacuum the area to completion.


You must avoid touching the carpeting with your iron’s hot plate. If you do, there’s a chance the carpet fibers could melt, ruining both the carpet and your iron.

  1. Make Use of a Blow Dryer and a Spray Bottle

To raise the fibers of a dented carpet, a spray bottle and blow dryer impart equal heat and moisture. Spray the dent lightly with water to wet it, then use your blow dryer to heat the carpet by aiming it straight at the dent from four to six inches away. Fluff those fibers up and suction as you did with the iron and ice cube method.


While you’ll always have these furniture dents (and will never be able to rearrange your furniture again for fear of making more dents), all you need is an ice cube to fix the problem. In no time, your carpet or rug will appear almost brand new.

Suppose the procedures described above fail to remove the dents from your carpet. In that case, you can hire a professional carpet cleaning service. Using an industrial steamer to clean the carpet thoroughly might be sufficient. However, sometimes dents may not go away, particularly if your rug is at least ten years old. If so, it could be best to replace the entire item. You tried, at least!

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