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Table: How To Pack And Store It?

There are thousands Painting Services providers UAE who have paintings in your home and you are surely wondering how to prevent them from getting damaged during the move and perhaps during storage in the storage unit. Just follow the tips below and your painting will remain in excellent condition.

Material For Packing A Painting

Bubble Wrap  :

Very well known and fairly inexpensive, “bubble wrap” protects your painting. Depending on the nature of your painting, be careful that the bubble wrap does not stick to the paint, for example. We advise you to put the bubbles on the inside and the smooth side on the outside of the board. To hold the bubble wrap, simply use an adhesive roller.

Transom Angles  :

 This protection system is effective. It perfectly protects the corners of your board. The ideal is to put an angle iron at each corner of the painting (usually 4).

Telescopic Chalkboard Boxes  :

These are height-adjustable boxes. You can therefore adjust the size of the cardboard to that of the painting. These cards are in two parts. Concretely, you will slide the painting into the first part of the cardboard, then the second part of the cardboard will simply fit on top of the first.

Standard Unfolded Cardboard :

Whatever the size of your painting, this method will be suitable. Just unfold the cardboard, then cover it. Depending on the size, it is possible to use 2 or 3 standard boxes. It will probably be necessary to fold the cardboard according to the size of your cardboard. To maintain the edges of the cardboard which are used to wrap the painting, it is enough to use adhesive. Alternatively, use string, but technically it’s a little more difficult.

A Simple Box  :

 Ideal for small paintings. You wrap each painting with bubble wrap and simply store the small paintings next to each other. Store the paintings on their edge. You can fill the empty spaces with linen, bubble wrap or tissue paper that you have previously rolled up. Do not forget to indicate on your box the contents and the mention fragile.

Another Tip  :

Use cardboard the size of the object to be wrapped (painting or mirror, for example). Close one of the cardboard openings with tape. It will be enough simply to insert the table or the mirror inside. If the object to be packed fits completely, close the opening of the carton with the adhesive. If the painting or the mirror protrudes, do the same operation with another cardboard and insert it over the first cardboard.

Once packaged, your painting or mirror is protected. It will be easy to transport it when you move. Be careful though. It is a “fragile” object. Mention this with a marker.

On the other hand, in a storage center, security is guaranteed. Even if theft doesn’t happen every day, finding a safe place to store your paintings allows you to live with peace of mind day and night, 365 days a year.

Finally, it is important to choose a company that offers excellent storage conditions. This is why storage in maritime containers stored outside should be avoided. Protection is not enough. Preference should be given to storage in a well-insulated warehouse. The humidity level must be controlled. This is important for most everyday goods such as paints.

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