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Stylish ways to use imported floor tiles in delhi for small spaces.

Perhaps you want to renovate your small bathroom. With less space to work with, you may seek ideas to create that amazing impact. In such a case, you may consider installing imported tiles that are easily available these days in the market. You can easily come across a wide range of colours, styles and shapes. Choose something smartly that will create that illusion of space. The final finish derived should not be overwhelming, but eye-catchy.

Tiles ideas for small bathroom space

  • Feature wall helps create bold statement: You may not prefer everything neutral. In this case, add colour through a feature wall. Having an accent wall is sure to compel viewers to a particular part of the place. It is ideally the back wall, thereby providing the bathroom with added depth. The layout should create that feeling of space.
  • Neutral palette: Neutral colour palette can do the trick of making a small room to appear bigger. Choose white tiles while the other parts of the room should be neutral. It is not that you are bounded by limited options. Neutral doesn’t have to be boring any more. Being creative with imported floor tiles in delhi. It is sure to make the place appear glamorous and the perfect for any modern bathroom.
  • Large format tiles to derive that uncluttered look: There is a common misconception that small tiles can only be accommodated in small bathrooms. However, the grout lines that are present between the small format tiles tend to make the small space to appear clutter. Hence, you should choose large format tiles having less grout lines. They will make the room to appear more spacious and streamlined.
  • Develop illusion of height by going half & half: What if there is a low ceiling in your bathroom? Paint the upper half and tile the lower part. This will make it appear taller than it originally is. Also you can choose to hang mirrors, shelves and artwork without much hassle. Traditional clawfoot tub can be contrasted against patterned, contemporary flooring.
  • Use in moderation small format mosaic tiles: Excessive grout lines tend result in cluttered feeling. But you may choose to use small format mosaic tiles for your small bathroom, but in moderation. Select a small area like the wall present behind the vanity, shower, alcove or a border to create a focal point. The cloakroom tile idea can add impact to any room by selecting hexagons, rectangles or small squares.
  • Glossy tiles: For any small bathroom, it becomes essential to inject plenty of light to brighten the place up. This offers a larger feel and appearance to the otherwise small room. Glossy tiles are known for its reflective quality and hence bounce light all around the room. A polished tile is sure to reflect light while providing the room with a much brighter look. Glossy pink tiles do have similar reflective effect like white ones.

Enhance visual appeal with interesting shapes

You can get tiles in different interesting shapes. Select them carefully and creatively to increase visual interest to your small bathroom. Also choose colour, texture and pattern wisely.

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