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Strategies for Recovering Sales Following New Strict Customer Authentication Regulations

Are you prepared for the SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) deadline? To assist in fighting fraud, brands and merchants have already made the required changes. Getting an additional layer of anti-fraud security for online card payments is advantageous for consumers. Customers may encounter increased requests for I.D. verification at the moment of transaction, so use caution with this double-edged sword.

Ultimately, this takes the “easy” out of being “pleased” since online retailers and their customers now confront an additional obstacle to overcome during the purchase process. But this is beneficial for customers and retailers. To improve the security and function of PSD2 implementation, retailers can get strong customer authentication solutions that will help integration and ease the process for better effectiveness. 

Marketers have prepared the road using channels, PPC ads, and other methods to drive visitors to their product pages and move buyers toward the checkout. However, about 30% of these transactions could end in 3DS failure or abandonment. High basket abandonment rates and a decline in sales are warning signs that it’s time to step up your customer retention efforts.

When The Strong Customer Authentication Is Rolled Out, What Changes Are Rolled Out?

The SCA rule rollout intends to make online transactions safer for the merchant and the customer when PSD2 enters full force on March 14, 2022. To give an additional security layer to electronic payments and avoid checkout fraud, the SCA is a novel payment security technique. Every transaction that isn’t marked as exempt or out of scope must be denied by PSD2 and submitted to 3DS.

Before authorizing an online transaction, Strong Customer Authentication is initiated and is based on a few circumstances. For instance, while making a high-value purchase or many low-value e-commerce transactions that seem unusual to their bank, customers may be asked to confirm that they are who they are. These checks are remarkably similar to the authentication procedures used to access online banking.

Merchants must add additional authentication to their checkout process as part of SCA compliance. To improve the consumer experience, the FCA has urged online retailers and payment provider services to collaborate with tech companies to make verification simple for customers.

Tactics Retailers Need To Gain Back Those Lost Sales

Between 70 and 80 percent of baskets were abandoned on smartphones, tablets, and laptops in Q4 of 2021. This might become more prevalent in the new SCA period as customers might be required to leave the website and use a third-party app, such as an SMS, email, or banking app, to confirm their identities. This is a key time since any conflict could cause them to grow impatient and lose interest.

Even if it could appear out of your control, any danger of losing conversions and your proper ROI makes it critical to regain the customer’s attention with the appropriate content in good time. It’s a fantastic chance to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Top advice to assist you in responding quickly and making up those lost sales to help you advance your customer engagement plan.

Recognize That SCA Is Occurring Everywhere In E-Commerce

Since it is a PSD2 mandate, it is happening everywhere. The most crucial thing is to ensure that you comply with SCA standards by working with tech vendors and payment providers before the deadline.

The next topic is communication. Information’s crucial to transmit from your end when appropriate, even though finance and banks have already exchanged authentication communications with their consumers, which is already half of the work done.

So far, the Issuer has softly decreased about 75% of the payment flow. This demonstrates that many buyers may have encountered this, making it a temporary barrier that might become automatic to them over time. Although it could be tempting to let time pass, now is a crucial time to step up your marketing and differentiate your company from the competition.

Use Priority Data That Is GDPR Compliant

You must comprehend your customers requirements if you want to truly stand out from the crowd with pertinent content at the appropriate time. First-party data is now more important than ever because it is current, easily accessible, accurate, and yours. 

To better understand your marketing initiatives and consumer demands, you must make sure you are gathering and utilizing first-party data that is GDPR compliant using a Customer Data Platform (CDP). Putting insights at the center of your marketing empowers you to drive a data-driven marketing plan to increase consumer engagement. You’ll be able to develop pertinent and customized material that pertains to them and implement insight-led activities.

As a first step, it’s critical to review the fundamentals. Confirming that everything in your checkout process is operational and efficient before blaming SCA for basket abandonment is crucial. Your CDP is essential in this situation since it gives you a better picture of the consumer journey.

Categorize Your Audiences

You can segment your audience to better target your retargeting and re-engagement ads by identifying your audiences based on their behavioral data and developing an “abandonment audience.” For instance, for individuals who spent more than five minutes on a certain section of the cart page without making a purchase, you could flag them as customers with SCA problems. 

Retargeting, Discount, And Basket Abandonment Campaigns Are Launched As Dynamic Campaigns.

Now that you know who to target, your goal should be to encourage them to return and give your brand another chance. Perhaps they neglected to return because they had time to resolve their SCA difficulties. Bring them back at the appropriate moment with useful information rather than leaving it to chance.


Any cross-channel marketing campaign aims to encourage clients to make an online purchase. Although strong client authentication may be beyond your control, a strong customer authentication solution will simplify the process for both customers and businesses.

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