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Step-by-Step Guide to Clean Vape Pods!

A simple yet crucial piece of maintenance that every vaper should perform daily is keeping their vaporizer clean. In addition to making sure your vape looks fantastic and is clean and hygienic each time you use it, it may also lengthen your device’s lifespan.

Even though purchasing a pod vaping kit may be inexpensive, some new vapers may get a big shock when they find that their pods are burning out faster than expected. Since vape pods aren’t cheap, you want to ensure they last as long as possible and refill them frequently to extend their lifespan.

In this write-up, we’ll guide you on how to clean vape pods, one of the most crucial tips you can master as an owner of a pod vaping device. A pod’s atomizer coil may not necessarily be defective or broken when it starts to generate a burnt flavor. The coil is much more likely just to be covered in residue. You can reuse the pod instead of tossing it away by cleaning out the residue to bring back the flavor of the original pod.

But first, let’s discuss something else that may be on your mind before we go into how to clean a vape pod. What is the remnant coming out of your vape pod?

Know the Reason Why Residue Develops in Your Vape Pods

Many e-liquids have components that don’t completely transform into vapor when heated, which is why residue accumulates in your vape pods. Any components that don’t evaporate will stick to your pod’s atomizer coil. The residue builds up over time, eventually completely enclosing the coil’s heating surface. When you vape at that stage, you’ll experience a highly caramelized flavor, possibly even burnt.

Coil gunk is the term used by vaporizer users for that residue. When the buildup is so thick that it actually starts to burn when you THC vape pen, the gunk stops the wick on the coil from functioning correctly.

How to Keep Your Vape Pods Clean of Coil Gunk?

Sucralose, a sugar-free sweetener, is the component that directly contributes most to coil gunk out of all the e-liquid flavors that might leave residue on a vape coil. Sucralose is one of the most widely used weed vape juice components in today’s market since vapers nearly universally enjoy sweet e-liquids. In fact, so many sweeteners are added to e-liquids that some people find it extremely odd to purchase an e-liquid without sucralose.

Consider switching to an unsweetened e-liquid to halt your vape pods from burning out. You can use your pods for a few days, maybe even a week or more, before replacing them because the process of residue accumulation will happen much more gradually.

Don’t want to use e-liquid that isn’t sweetened? What if you like the taste of the vape juice you’re currently using and don’t want to shift the way you vape? That gets us to the article’s main topic: cleaning vape pods.

Let’s find out more about cleaning your soiled vape pods.

  • Fill a large bowl with hot water. Usually vape pods are made of plastic, if you don’t want the plastic to melt or damage, avoid boiling the water.
  • Open the filling hole on your vape pod. If your pod has a removable coil option Remove the coil as well if the pod has a removable coil. In the water, put both items. Because they are empty, vape pods tend to float. To push the pod to fill with water, you should hold it firmly down. If the pod is immersed, cleaning it will be easy.
  • Swish the coil and pod in the water to create circulation and disperse the residue. Before swishing the objects around again, let them soak in the water for some time. If the pod has a non-removable coil, you will likely notice some dark specks inside the pod at this stage or floating in the water at this point.
  • Fill the bowl with hot water after emptying it. To break up the residue, keep periodically swishing the pod and coil. The coil is clean when there are no dark particles in the water. You might need to run the pod under the tap to get some flecks out if you’re using a built-in coil pod.
  • Ensure to take the pod and coil out of the water. To get most of the water off the pod, tap it against a paper towel. Let them air dry for several hours before utilizing the coil and pod again.
  • Do you think using hot water alone is insufficient to remove the residue from your vape pods? Try alcohol to clean your vape vod. Use potent alcohol that is safe to consume, like vodka. Water is less efficient a solvent than vodka. However, given that it is also significantly more expensive than water, you should wait until you have many soiled coils and pods before cleaning them all at once. Rinse the objects well after washing them to ensure that all traces of alcohol are gone.

You can ensure that your vape always tastes fantastic and that your hits are smooth by following these easy steps. Frequent cleaning will also extend the life of your vape. So why are you still waiting? Clean up your vape pods now!

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