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Start your Nexcess Free Trial with Latest Coupon Code

Free WordPress and WooCommerce Hosting Trial for the First 14 Days with No Credit Card Required.

Get started on the construction of your website that will load in an extremely short amount of time with instant auto-scaling, visible comparisons, and built-in automated plugin and platform updates.

Try out Nexcess Managed WordPress Hosting risk-free for a full two weeks with no obligation to provide a credit card. No risk. All reward.

Begin your completely risk free trial and coupon of our managed WordPress hosting today: Because of Nexcess’s one-of-a-kind price and plan structure, managed hosting is now within reach for companies that lack the financial resources to justify the expenditure required to acquire WP Engine.

Plans begin at an affordable price of $19 per month with no annual commitment or $15.83 per month with an annual commitment.

Nexcess is a fully managed hosting service for WordPress. The fact that each and every one of their features is included with each and every one of their plans is one of my absolute favorite aspects of the service.

Upgrades are necessary in order to use Bluehost, another reasonably priced managed hosting provider if you want to make use of site staging and on-demand backups.

When using Nexcess, on the other hand, although you are able to upgrade from one hosting plan to the next in order to obtain additional resources, you are never required to upgrade in order to gain access capabilities.

By automatically updating plugins and creating backups every 30 days, Nexcess takes care of a significant portion of the laborious maintenance.

Note that in order to receive plugin updates, you must subscribe to WP Engine’s Managed Hosting Plus plan; however, this feature is standard with Nexcess.

Here are the steps to Start your Free Trial of Managed WordPress Hosting on Nexcess

Visit Nexcess – Managed WordPress Hosting

Step 2: Below “Compare all Plans,” click “Try our Free 14-Day Trial.”

Step 3: Under plan information, provide your email address and self-description. Click “Free trial” then.

Step 4: Enter Password, First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Country, Address, City, and Postal Code.

Click “Start my Free Trial” after human verification.

Step 6: Your 14-day Free Trial is ready in 2-8 minutes.


Nexcess is a web host of exceptional quality that takes great satisfaction in being able to provide complete solutions to customers who are looking for robust web hosting for their WordPress website.

When compared to other managed web hosts, in terms of features, it unquestionably pulls ahead of the competition. Nexcess is an excellent choice for anyone searching for a dependable web host because it offers free site migrations, services for content delivery networks (CDN), 100 percent uptime, and support that is available around the clock.

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uzma minhas
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