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Split Vs. Floor-Standing ACs: The Key Differences

Whether at home or workplace, we all need a comfortable environment throughout the year. Just as you would want a heater in the bitter winter, you shouldn’t skip on air conditioner maintenance in the summer heat, especially if you live in regions like the UAE.

ACs come in various models. And plenty of solutions are available on the market if you want to replace (or add) your air conditioning unit. When faced with this decision, It is recommended to examine the benefits and drawbacks of these products first.

So, to ease your decision-making, we’ll be discussing both options so you can determine which one will work best for your needs.

But first, let’s understand each of them:

Wall Mounted/Split AC

Wall-mounted mini-splits are the standard ACs common in homes and commercial spaces today. They are sleek and modest, using wall space rather than a window or floor area to stay out of the way while you do your work.

The Split AC is made of two parts: the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The indoor unit is the wall-mounted unit that circulates cool air inside the space. The outdoor unit is often positioned on the exterior of the same wall, and it helps expels hot air produced during the cooling process.

Floor-Standing AC

Also called stand-alone ACs, a floor-mounted AC operates similarly to a regular air conditioner but is placed on the floor. They are also simpler to access and don’t occupy valuable wall space.

Since floor-standing air conditioners are more compact than other air conditioners, they are frequently found in public spaces like restaurants, hotels, and lounges. However, they can also be an excellent option for homes, particularly if you can’t connect anything to the wall.

Having done with the basics, let’s now look at the factors when deciding between a floor-mounted and split AC.

What Differentiates Split ACs From Floor-Mounted ACs

  • Cooling/Heating Potential

Split AC

Due to its numerous advantages over other varieties, the split air conditioner is a common choice for household cooling systems. Unlike central units requiring extensive installation and maintenance, the split air conditioner is easy to install and portable. Furthermore, since split AC systems can use both air conditioners and heat pumps, consumers have the choice of heating and cooling based on the season and personal preferences.

Floor-Standing AC

Due to their placement, floor-standing (or tower) air conditioners in Dubai are preferred since they can swiftly cool down rooms or can be used in Desert Safari tents. These units can chill more than 2,500 square feet of space because their average BTU rating ranges from 24,000 BTU to above 200,000 BTU! As the cold air remains at ground level, cooling could be uneven.

  • Maintenance

Split AC

Maintenance for wall-mounted air conditioners is quite simple. The main thing to do is to keep the coils clean because the dirt build-up can cause the unit to work harder and prevent it from cooling effectively. To clean the coils, simply remove the unit’s front panel and use a brush to remove any debris. In addition, make sure to change the air filters from time to time.

Floor-Standing AC

Since these units are so close to the ground, they catch dirt and dust easier. That means you need to clean the filters and coils more often to prevent accumulated dust from forming clogs in the unit.

  • Cost

Split AC

The price of a split Air Conditioner in Dubai varies according to the size, kind, and the unit’s manufacturer. They are, however, generally more affordable than other kinds of air conditioners due to their accessibility. A decent-quality wall-mounted system costs roughly 2,000 AED, while more expensive systems with multiple indoor units can go as high as 35,000 AED.

Floor-Standing AC

Floor-standing air conditioners come in a range of sizes and cost ranges. Factors that affect the price include the size, capacity, or any advanced feature(s) it may have. Generally, these units cost between 5,000 and 15,000 AED, with larger, better models having stronger compressors.

  • Space

Split AC

Sometimes you just don’t have enough space or any way to mount an AC unit. These limitations make wall-mounted units difficult to install and use.

Floor-Standing AC

While floor-mounted air conditioners don’t take up much room because they are stylishly constructed, you must maintain the area around them clear of obstructions to ensure proper air circulation. So, if you have adequate floor space and need an efficient air conditioning system, then this type of unit may be just what you are looking for.

So, Which Should You Go For?

While both types of cooling equipment are useful, how well they operate depends on where they are placed.  If convenience, performance, and appearance are your primary concerns, you should choose a split AC. But if you can’t mount an indoor unit or can’t accommodate wall fixtures, then floor-standing AC is the right choice.

So, if you’ve decided on your preferred floor standing, Split and Window AC System but don’t know where to purchase? Then consider checking out businesses like CTC and look at their huge Blue Star products collection of air cooling systems – all from UAE’s reliable brand. Place your order today!

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