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Some Great Ideas For Design For Kitchen Tiles?

When it comes to choosing the kitchen tile, many people get confused. Because choosing tiles and designing a kitchen is not an easy process. Although, tiling is a great way to cover kitchen walls and floors. But deciding the appropriate design is a difficult process.

When people do not get the ideas to design a kitchen, they ask Tilers in Perth about it. But here, you do not need to hire tiling services to get ideas. This article covers the amazing ideas to design your kitchen tiles.

Give your own ideas to tilers. So you may not get confused. You can not give your backsplash a makeover with simple kitchen tile. But, there are different ways to design your kitchen tiles. By following these ideas, you can make your kitchen look more modern.

Combine textured tiles with ceramic plain:

Ceramic plain tiles are usually used for kitchen walls and floors. Because these kinds of tiles are perfect for this area. Many people end up installing simply ceramic plain tiles on walls and the kitchen. Manufacturers are day-by-day updating the style and design and new variations have been introduced. 

Textured tiles with their vibrant colours look elegant. Furthermore, Moorish designs are experiencing something of a revival. You can combine the traditional ceramic plain tile with modern textured tiles. The combination of traditional and modern kitchen tiles can make the kitchen appear lavish.

Create an elegant look in your kitchen with large-scale marble tiles:

If you are looking to transform your kitchen totally into a fancy look, give it a marble touch. The modern marble, natural stone, gives a contemporary luxurious look to your kitchen. You can install the large-scale marble tiles on the kitchen floor and half bottom walls. 

The marble tile never gets old and continuously gives striking effects year after year. One thing you should keep in mind is to look for marble-looking porcelain tiles. Marble stone is easy to damage with a caustic substance. Therefore, porcelain marble tile has been introduced for kitchen floors or backsplash tiles.

Marble porcelain kitchen tiles are incredibly convincing and easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, these tiles last longer and perfectly look like genuine marble.

Combine different tones of hues

Installing neutral colour tiles in the kitchen is the traditional way of kitchen design. You can design a kitchen with new tonal shades and new ideas. Neutral greys, whites and creamy colours are known as kitchen tiles colours. People choose these colours because they look fresh, clean and wide all the time. Adding the shades of grey, white and creamy with them can modernise your kitchen look.

The warm tone of a single-coloured tile makes the kitchen place darker. Moreover, the kitchen doesn’t look wide. The lighter tone makes the kitchen look clean and wide. So, you can combine the different tones of shades. It makes the kitchen look luxurious. 

So, instead of considering neutral-colored kitchen tiles, try tones of shades. It can help you boost your mood and give you peace of mind.

Create patterns with colourful block tiles

If you have no idea how to design kitchen backsplash. This is the most important place that should not be avoided. Many people end up installing plain ceramic tiles on the kitchen backsplash that they install on the floor. There are plenty of ways to design kitchen backsplash with tiles.

With the suggestion of tiling companies in Perth, we came up with different ideas. If you consider following these ideas, you will get benefits.

Block tiles always look beautiful, whether you install them in neutral colours or different colours. You do not need to install pattern tiles to get a pattern finish. Instead of pattern tiles, use block tiles in block colours.

Play with the width of colourful tile on the kitchen backsplash. If you use over one colour, try to break the block with white. Then add another colour.

Give a cool touch to your kitchen with metro-line tiles:

Metro kitchen tile ideas and look cool in the kitchen. Moreover, these are contemporary go-to. Make it more interesting by mixing materials. Choose metro- tile in the marble effect. Moreover, tiles should be rectangular. You’ll still achieve the style and minimalist effect of classic metros.


Designing a kitchen is not an easy process. Without professional help, you cannot even choose the tiles. So, if you want to design your kitchen by adding a fancy touch of tiles, you probably have no ideas. Therefore, we brought the best ideas that are budget-friendly. Moreover, when these ideas breathe into life, they look absolutely elegant. You’d love our kitchen.

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