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Softaculous license gives GUI for installation of web applications

Softaculous is an auto-installer that eases the GUI for the installation process of web apps in the system. Therefore, Softaculous delivers hundreds of scripts for installation. Thus, it is one of the industry’s most widely held hosting software on your cPanel server. They also give automatic apprises through their service, keeping sites secure and frequently adding innovative software to their library of scripts. Navicosoft offers a Softaculous License, and Softaculous Pricing also ensures our after-sales services. Navicosoft’s proficiency in the web hosting industry plays an imperative role in creating the services improved. Though, it brings Softaculous Price to an economical rate for resellers and end-users. So, grab our services to get a user-friendly GUI for the installation of web apps.

Let’s have more discussion:

What is the Use of Softaculous With cPanel?

Installing software on a server with the command line seems unapproachable for some users. Thus, Softaculous offers a graphical interface with reliable scripts to easily install apps. Then, as a web host, with a few clicks, you can enable your web hosting clients to administer their software that will be kept rationalized.

Including Softaculous pricing, as a part of your hosting packages can enhance your services without the high cost. Their free plan includes 59 popular scripts, and their paid plans include over 200, making it easy for your users to install the software packages they desire most on their cPanel & WHM servers.

If you have a server that doesn’t include Softaculous, you can install it yourself to provide quality-of-life improvements for your server administration. Softaculous provides step-by-step documentation for installing Softaculous on the command line.

Softaculous is an influential Count for your cPanel:

During this procedure, it has been revealed that implying Softaculous is helpful for both autonomous server owners and web hosting providers. However, they deliver excellence and apt sustenance and keep their products modernized. It’s a strong tactic that provides outstanding developments to simplify server administration with automatic apprises and one-click installations. 

Softaculous cPanel for WordPress websites:

Some web-enabled applications, like WordPress, require a minute overview and WordPress is the swift version. Therefore, Influential and easy to imply that many blogging and eCommerce applications have become hugely prevalent. For example, in WordPress’s account of its “Famous 5-Minute Install,” operators are trained to undo the WordPress package. Thus, they make a database with a MySQL user with accurate rights, retitle and edit a .php file. Then, it uploads the WordPress files to the correct web directory, makes a blog directory, and runs a WordPress installation script.

Characteristics of softaculous license:

The followings are some characteristics of a softaculous license which is a GUI for the installation of different applications:

One-Click Application Installation:

The function of a one-click installation is what Softaculous sets out to do. Softaculous mechanizes the structure of web applications to a website through preset scripts. The administration area launched the writings of a softaculous license. Therefore, Softaculous operates within the cPanel control panel. For instance, website control plans, like DirectAdmin, H-Sphere, Interworx, and Plesk.

Softaculous installation scripts shield a wide variety of web applications. Thus, Classifications comprise ad administration, blogging, content management, CRM, customer sustenance, eCommerce, ERP, and more. Presently, 325 scripts are accessible.

Some other features of softaculous cPanel are as follows:

Auto updates:

This feature enables the upgraded installation of innovative versions automatically.

Instant backups:

One-click Backups and restoration allow the users to back up instantly.

Auto backup:

Operators can configure backup installations regularly on a weekly, monthly and annual basis at the ritual time.

Double installation:

Double the installation process in one click to create an innovative website from a present installation.

Import installation:

Just fill in the login specifics of the source server, and will bring your installation with files and databases.

WordPress manager:

Manages WordPress installation from a dedicated page with all characteristics like install, upgrade, administer plugins, double, etc.

Demands for the installation of Softaculous:

Before installation of Softaculous, you have to imply IonCube Loaders empowered on WHM on the control panel. Therefore, if you wish to Install Softaculous on VPS or a dedicated server with cPanel, then you must follow some simple steps:

  • Login to your Web Host Manager:
  • Access the server alignment
  • Click on tweak background
  • Access the php tab
  • Select the ioncube for the cPanel php loader
  • Press the save button below

The installation of softaculous is effortless and straightforward. After its installation, you will start getting the profits of one click installer of over 450 scripts. Therefore, Softaculous reveals a good affinity with many control panels such as cPanel, Plesk, ISP manager, etc. now, an overview of the installation of softaculous on cPanel for getting GUI for the installation of web apps:

  • Login to your server through SSH and run the subsequent commands one by one (wget -N http://files.softaculous.com/install.sh)
  • After the downloading of installation file, run the subsequent commands: (chmod 755 install.sh ./install.sh)
  • After the completion of the installation process, then you will see the greeting message will appear on your screen. Now, Softaculous will display on your WHM.

Softaculous cPanel:

Softaculous operates with all the control panels, but a blend of Softaculous cPanel is hugely valued worldwide. Therefore, cPanel, because of its long list of functions, provides significant incorporation with Softaculous and creates a Softaculous cPanel blend. One-click installation for over 450 software applications keeps hosting providers ongoing with Softaculous cPanel. This mixture also assists in enhancing essential sales of the corporate. You get more clients’ contentment through Softaculous cPanel, as this mixture saves time, click once, and you will install your anticipated application.

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