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Sodick Parts Review

If you’re looking for Sodick parts, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ve reviewed the Sodick K1BL, K2, and AG200L, as well as the Sodick LP Control. Whether you’re looking for a wire and sink EDM machine, or a machine with thousands of precision holes, we’ve got you covered.

Sodick AG200L

If you are in need of a large table for EDM or machining work, you should consider purchasing a Sodick AG200L. This machine has a table capacity of 22,000 pounds and is perfect for many large workpieces including flat panel TVs, automotive bumpers, and mold tools. This machine is an impressive piece of machinery that is designed for ease of use.

The Sodick AG200L features the newest technology for die-sinking applications, including linear motors for high-speed operation. Linear motors also reduce electrode wear and minimize programming errors. Also, a new software suite makes programming easier with the use of Parasolid files. All of these features help to maximize cutting efficiency and ensure optimum machining performance.

SODICK AG200L parts are available from several suppliers. The company is headquartered in Sweden and has been in the industry for more than 30 years. KB Components specializes in the supply of SODICK AG200L parts and accessories.

Sodick K1BL

Sodick is a global leader in the manufacturing of CNC machines and is launching new machines that are faster, more accurate, and feature higher surface finishes. Their K1BL Hole Popper incorporates Linear Motor Drive technology, which boosts machining speed and reduces electrode wear. In addition, the gantry-style structure of the K1BL offers high rigidity and constant accuracy that’s not affected by thermal distortion. Plus, their energy-efficient designs offer an incredible 60% reduction in average energy consumption.

Sodick’s Wire cut EDM technology delivers exceptional rigidity and performance. Its design is based on CAE and 3D design systems, and ceramic components ensure better electrical insulation. Unlike conventional steel or plastic, ceramic components are extremely rigid, which allows for high precision machining. Plus, they have a low thermal expansion coefficient and are perfect for precise machining.

Sodick’s high-speed milling range is a combination of milling and metal additive manufacturing. With linear motors and a 10-year Positioning Accuracy Guarantee, this system offers superior stability and precision down to the nanometer.

Sodick K2

Sodick’s injection moulding machines use a two-stage plunger injection system for consistent plasticizing heat profiles and filling volumes. This enables ultra-precision injection moulding. The company has an impressive five-million-part inventory in its North American headquarters. It is located in Schaumburg, IL, about 20 minutes from Chicago O’Hare International airport.

The company was founded in 1976 and has sold over 55,000 machines worldwide. Its products are used across a wide range of industries and include dies, molds, and more. It has four ISO-certified manufacturing facilities and more than 3,100 employees. Its commitment to quality is evident in its products, application support, and service.

Sodick has introduced the AG200L die-sinking EDM range, featuring new technologies. The new linear motors provide high speed and reduce electrode wear. The new software allows for error-free data conversion and programming. The machine also comes with a fully automatic system for optimal machining efficiency.

Sodick LP Control

The LP Control provides users with greater flexibility, improved cutting accuracy, and increased throughput. It also eliminates programming errors and allows for error-free data conversion. It can import Parasolid files and feature an intuitive menu-driven operation. These features ensure that the machine can quickly and easily process various types of materials and shapes.

Sodick is an EDM pioneer, offering a wide range of linear EDM machines, High-Speed Milling and EBM machines. Over 90% of the company’s machine components are made in-house, ensuring high quality. Its die-sinking EDM machines are equipped with linear motors and a new LP Control system, which allows the user to import Parasolid files for optimum cutting conditions. The new LP Control increases cutting efficiency by eliminating programming errors and reducing workflow.

Sodick’s LP Control power supply is based on the latest 3D solid model CAD programming and control theory. It also includes a 15-inch colour touch-screen monitor for improved ergonomics. It also comes equipped with Intelligent Q3vic EDM software, which allows users to import 3D models directly and generate cutting programmes without the use of manual G Codes. Sodick has more than 55,000 machines sold globally.

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