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Social Snap Review 2022: A Powerful Social Media Toolkit For WordPress

There is no escaping the truth. When properly implemented, social media has the potential to completely revolutionise your company.

It only takes one post to reach that ideal level of engagement. And before you realise it, the volume of traffic to your website will skyrocket overnight.

Going viral on the internet may be everyone’s ultimate goal. However, the true strength of social media lies in the relationships that users build with one another over time.

Your true audience will not materialise until you take the time to carefully cultivate it and actively engage those individuals who are interested in what you do.

The question now is, how can you create your social presence in a way that is natural and genuine?

You can find numerous examples on the internet that explain what steps to take next. On the other hand, I am a great believer in going your own way, and I accomplish this goal with the assistance of a few different tools.

Then why don’t we have a look at a plugin for WordPress that makes it simpler to take use of the power of social media?

It’s called Social Snap, in case you were wondering. Is it possible that this WordPress social media plugin is the best there is? Let’s find out together in my review of Social Snap.

What is Social Snap?

You may harness the power of social media with the assistance of a social media plugin for WordPress called Social Snap. This plugin gives you control over how people share and read your material on your website.

It loads in the wink of an eye and may be operated with very little effort on the user’s part. You won’t spend more than a few minutes getting set up before you’re ready to go.

It is an all-inclusive plugin that provides you with over 30 social networks and apps to pick from, as well as the capability to position share buttons nearly anywhere on your website. This provides you with exactly what you require the plugin to achieve.

The plugin that Social Snap offers can be downloaded for free as well as for a fee. But I’m going to focus this review on the premium version because the free option has a lot of restrictions, and I want to show you the entire range of customization choices that are accessible.

Using Social Snap

It is likely that getting started with Social Snap is less difficult than getting started with many of the other available social media plugins.

Download the plugin, then install it on your WordPress site and click the activate button after it’s done.

You are now prepared to take use of everything this plugin has to offer in its entirety. Why don’t we start by going through the fundamental capabilities and figuring out how to configure them?

Managing social networks

When you travel to the dashboard for Social Snap, the first choice that will be presented to you is a list of settings. The option to share content via social media is the most crucial of these. When you click the Social Sharing button, a new menu of choices will appear.

This section allows you to choose which social networks you are a member of and where on your website you would like their profiles to be displayed.

Simply click the Manage Networks button to view your available choices.

There are a few options available to you here, including adding any social networks that you want, renewing your share counts, and selecting the share count providers for Facebook and Twitter.

If you want to utilise a third party to track shares for Twitter, you have the option of using one of the additional share count provider options. If you want to track counts for Facebook, you can use the Official Facebook counts.

Simply click the “Add Networks” button to add your various social networks.

You can see that there is a wide variety of opportunities available to you, and they vary depending on the social networks that you utilise the most and the locations online where your target demographic congregates.

Select the networks you want to use, then click the Save Changes button.

Share button placement

Now you must decide where your social buttons will appear on your website. The following are some of the areas where the Social Snap button can be found:

  • A sidebar that floats
  • Buttons that seem inline
  • Your media’s buttons
  • A sticky bar and a sharing hub
  • Let’s look at each option in greater depth.

Floating sidebar

You are provided with a preview of how it will seem on your actual website once you click the Floating Sidebar button.

You have the option of moving the sidebar to a different location and offsetting its appearance by inputting a different amount of pixels.

The shape of the button can also be altered to become rounded, a circle, or a rectangle, and the user has the option to either raise or decrease the size of the button.

You have the ability to choose which pages will show your sidebar by selecting only the pages that you wish to show. For instance, I only want the floating sidebar to be displayed on the home page and individual article pages, so I have only checked those boxes in the relevant options.

There are also the following options:

  • Button placement
  • All networks, which allows visitors to select from all networks available.
  • Tooltips for network labels
  • The total number of shares is
  • Individual shares are important.
  • Hide on your phone
  • the number of people who have seen it
  • The minimum number of shares is
  • You may also set animations for your floating sidebar’s entry and button hovers. Do you want to pick your own bespoke colours? You can do it as well.

Inline buttons

All of the same customization options are available for inline buttons as there are for the floating sidebar. Nevertheless, these buttons will appear above, below, or both above and below the material you have chosen to display.

This is a fantastic strategy for getting people to share a blog post or article that you have written. Even the language that says “Share via” can be personalised by altering it to a message that is more specific to the audience you are writing for.

Learn more: https://theakgamer.com/social-snap-review/

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