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SMS Marketing Services

If you are planning to implement an SMS marketing strategy for your business, there are several services that will help you do so text blast service. These include TextMagic, Twilio, Textlocal, and Shortcode phone numbers. In addition, you can link your SMS marketing campaigns to trusted review websites. Using this technique, you can encourage your customers to leave feedback on your business.


If you’re looking for an SMS marketing service that’s easy to use and allows you to manage your contact list with keywords, Text Magic is the tool for you. It’s easy to import your existing contact list, create new lists, assign new tags, and even manage unsubscribers. The company’s pricing is geared towards smaller businesses. Its pricing structure is per text message sent; there is no monthly fee, so it’s a good fit for startups and small businesses alike.

TextMagic is a service that allows you to send mass SMS messages to your customers and clients. Its user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to manage and customize your campaigns. It supports a wide variety of platforms and features, and it’s available to businesses in over 200 countries. You can also use it to send personalized messages to your customers.

The platform features a two-way SMS chat panel that allows you to interact with your customers and answer their questions. It’s easy to use and navigate, and it shows you which subscribers are actively chatting with you. It also lists their text history. You can also delegate chats to specific inboxes.


Twilio is a service that lets you send and receive SMS messages. Its application programming interface (API) acts as a service provider for mass texts and complies with global regulatory requirements. To get started, you can create a trial account. After confirming that it meets your requirements, you can upgrade to a pay-as-you-go or invoiced enterprise account. To do this, you must note down your account SID and AUTH TOKEN. If you have an existing account with TeleSign, you can also request an invoiced enterprise account.

For businesses, Twilio SMS APIs are an excellent way to stay in touch with their customers. These messages have a higher click-through rate than email, and consumers generally opt-in to receive text messages. Additionally, you can easily integrate Twilio with a robust CRM solution to streamline communications.

Twilio also has an extension for Zoho CRM, which helps you to send SMS from your CRM without leaving the CRM.


Textlocal is a UK-based marketing platform that offers bulk SMS marketing services to businesses. With an easy-to-use web portal and comprehensive APIs, this provider is a great choice for businesses that want to engage their audience, drive sales, and improve customer satisfaction. Its SMS marketing solutions offer smarter marketing through personalized content, targeted campaigns, and two-way interactions. Businesses can also create custom mobile-friendly forms and integrate with popular messaging platforms.

Textlocal offers both long and short-code numbers for its users to receive and send SMS messages. The company boasts that over 98% of SMS messages are opened, with 32% being replied to. The company’s service works with both Android and iOS devices, allowing businesses to reach customers via their favorite platforms.

Textlocal also offers various payment options for sending and receiving texts. Customers can pay according to the number of contacts they want to reach. They can even opt to outsource the SMS messages to a third party. Textlocal also provides a high-density API gateway that allows developers to build powerful applications for their businesses. It also makes it easy to attach website links, personalized vouchers, images, and videos to messages.

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