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Six Sigma Master Black Belt International Certification

Program Objective

The Master Black Belt Certification teaches how to manage an improvement program that is linked to the success of the organization, not just savings projects. This program offers an intensive solid curriculum that is based on a judicious application of the next generation of Six Sigma and Lean concepts through an integrated system of Operational Excellence and Project Management.

This course prepares the candidate to:

  • Lead an existing business improvement program.
  • Develop a new business improvement program.
  • Facilitate targeted strategic planning discussions
  • Develop beneficial business performance dashboards.
  • Become a coach and mentor to Lean Six Sigma professionals.
  • Provide training in Lean Six Sigma.
  • Improve your team leadership skills.
  • Success in advocating for change within your organization.
  • Management of advanced tools for DMAIC, DMADV and IDOV projects.


This training and certification is designed for Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification with three years of experience and who have completed at least four successful projects as project leaders, a strong statistical and analytical background is important.


The traditional apprentice-master model. This is based primarily on the recognition that true mastery cannot be gained through the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt development approach and has evolved to reflect the didactic learning alone. Mentoring support is provided on a decreasing scale offset by increasing levels of autonomy and the assumption of responsibility for subordinate projects, the delivery of training and mentoring. The 6sigma Master Black Belt program is customized to the client organization. The topics presented below are included in the training part of our Master Black Belt apprenticeship. The training is followed by an apprenticeship period with an experienced Master Black Belt, at which point the candidate learns various advanced techniques such as leadership, facilitation, mentoring, and statistical analysis.

6sigma certification programs are accredited under the International Association of Six Sigma Certifications (IASSC). Our programs also have the exclusive endorsement for Latin America of Six Sigma Global Registry. With this achievement we offer our clients one of the most prestigious certifications in the world. This adds to the alignment of the certification topics with the Body of Knowledge of the American Society for Quality, which translates into better applications for the participants and a wide repertoire of tools that were not previously included in the Black Belt and Green certifications. Belt.

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