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Silicone Coatings For Flat Roofs

Many people ask about the differences between silicone and other roofing materials. Although it may appear and feel like some plastics, silicone is fundamentally different and has many desirable and unique characteristics.

Silicone, a man-made material made from silicon, is one example. Over 80 years, industrialists and chemists have explored the many uses and properties of silicone. There are many types of silicone, including oils, greases and silicones. Silicone rubber is a polymer and the most common form of silicone.

Let’s take a look at some characteristics of silicone rubber.

– Flexible from -200 F to more than 600 F

High elasticity (recovers to its original form)


Good electrical insulation

Weather conditions are not an issue

– Does not get damaged by ultra-violet or ozone.

Tasteless and odorless


  • – Does not support microbial proliferation
  • Low interaction with other chemicals
  • – Can be made to any size or shape


These properties are great for roof top applications but not in traditional roofing materials. A silicone rubber coating is available that can be applied in place, and will protect the roof for many decades. This is impossible with plastic or tar-based materials.

Here are some common uses for silicone polymers

Window seals

  • – solar panels
  • – aquaria
  • – Processor chips
  • Space craft
  • Moon boots
  • Engine seals
  • – spark plugs
  • Gaskets
  • – Medical tubing
  • – surgical implants
  • – dental adhesives
  • – bakeware
  • – oven mitts
  • – construction caulks
  • – high-tech paints
  • – architectural coatings
  • Insulators
  • Toys
  • Baby bottle nipples
  • Cases that are shock-resistant
  • Packaging for food and products
  • Dry cleaning
  • – shock absorbers
  • Elastic bands
  • Synthetic rubber
  • – Foam

Silicone rubber can be found almost everywhere. A silicone gasket covers the screen, and silicone protects the components of the laptop’s processor. Silicone is a material with exceptional properties that can be used to benefit many other applications. Silicone is an ideal material for many applications. It’s no surprise that its uses and forms are growing rapidly.

Any flat or low-pitch roof, regardless of its condition, can be sealed. You don’t need to tear them off.

Silicone coatings are available for most roof types, including asphalt, metal, tar and gravel, foam, and EPDM. For traction and aesthetic appeal, the coating can be tinted using inorganic pigments.

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