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Shutters vs. overheating and your home: The Facts

The vast majority of people anticipate warmer temperatures and more daylight in summer. Increasing outside temperatures have the potential side effect of making your home much hotter than usual. In fact, research has found that 20% of US houses are susceptible to overheating. While this will help you save money on your central heating costs, you may consider installing more fans and air conditioners to keep your home cool. We won’t say that plantation shutters will be the sole solution to keeping your house cool this summer, but we will explain why they are an excellent option for doing just that.

Shade reduces heat gain.

Internal shade from window coverings such as shutters and blinds can reduce a room’s temperature by as much as 13 degrees Celsius, according to the experts at Shade. That’s a big drop, and it’s clear that closing the shutters is far better for the planet than running the air conditioner. Internal shading can be achieved using shutters in any house area, from the living room to the bedroom, the bathroom to the kitchen, and even the conservatory. Unlike blinds or curtains, which move and flap in the wind when you open a window, shutters stay put when you do so, allowing for better ventilation in the room.

Shutter blinds reduce home heat gain.

Light and glare can be managed with the use of reflective shutter materials. Shutters can lower the Gtot value of a double-glazed window. Recent studies have shown that shutters can lower the Gtot value of a double-glazed window from 0.84 to 0.24. One more factor is the color of the shutters; white shutters reflect light best, so they are the most efficient in preventing heat absorption.

Style of plantation shutter for reducing heat gain

Full-height shutters are the most effective way to reduce heat gain because they cover the entire window. It’s hardly surprising that rooms with lots of glass, such as conservatories or big bay windows in the living room, may feel rather warm in the summer. In this sense, full-height shutters are preferable to café-style shutters that cover a portion of the window. They’re preferable to solid shutters, which reflect light well but provide little airflow. Full-height shutters allow you to control the amount of interior shading by tilting the louvers to the ideal angle, which helps lower the room’s temperature.

Shutters with built-in shades prevent heat gain.

For maximum darkness and a more restful night’s sleep, shutters with built-in shades are popular for bedrooms. They’re all the rage in children’s bedrooms. To answer your question in a nutshell: yes, shutters with precisely integrated shades will lessen heat gain. They’ll boost the amount of internal shade, which, as discussed before, helps keep a room cooler by blocking the sun’s rays. Unfortunately, when the blind is drawn down, airflow is drastically reduced, which is one of the reasons why they are not as effective as regular shutters. Standard full-height shutters are the best option for effectively decreasing heat gain in space.


You may already be aware that shutters are an excellent form of insulation and are thus good at keeping heat within a space, but far less attention is paid to the fact that shutters may also prevent heat gain. Therefore, we hope you have found this post to be helpful and that you have learned something new about plantation shutters.

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