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Should You Buy Audio Technica Ath-M50X

One of Sound Technica’s most well-known items is its ATH-M50x earphones. You could say that these earphones turned into a web sensation a couple of years back. The most up-to-date set of Beats earphones is the Beats Solo Ace. These vibe sturdier than even the Independent 3 line and accompany a matte completion in a few tones. The Beats Solo Ace is a tremendous test-up in quality contrasted with past Beats models.

With regards to Sound Technica ATH-M50X versus Beats Solo Star, you will find that both are incredibly top-notch headsets. While both sound perfect, the ATH-M50X is best for proficient studio use while the Beats Expert Studio is best for conveying studio-quality sound at home list cralwer.

Sound Technica and Beats are the two organizations that have gained their appreciation in the sound world. In the event that you’re curious about every one of the different phrasings with regards to earphones,, settling on the best earphones for you can be hard.

In this article, we will thoroughly analyze the Sound Technica ATH-M50X versus Beats Solo Genius. We will go over the highlights of each sets of earphones, and we will likewise list the advantages and disadvantages of every one.

Sound Technica ATH-M50x

All costs are recorded in USD except if generally determined. Costs might change after some time, and shift by district. Sadly, we can’t list Amazon costs on the site, as they fluctuate enormously by cash.

The Sound Technica ATH-M50x is staying put; the style, solace, and incredible sound make these earphones an extraordinary purchase. You can frequently track down these earphones at a bargain, improving them an even worth.

Who ought to get the Sound Technica ATH-M50x?

•        Understudies and workers ought to get these earphones. On the off chance that you’re dependably on the transport or train, the rich cushioning and shut back plan of these earphones make a fair showing with impeding external commotion. You’ll likewise profit from the collapsing plan as you can throw them in your sack.

•        YouTubers and anybody beginning to get into sound creation will profit from these spending plan studio earphones. Whether you’re working with sound for recordings or for music creation, the ATH-M50x is an extraordinary all-around pick. Of course, the Sony MDR-7506 has a more precise recurrence reaction (which is an industry staple for sound altering), however the slight bass accentuation in the low frequencies, makes this headset fine for work or relaxed blending and altering.

What’s it like to utilize the Sound Technica ATH-M50x?

With regards to building and plan, Sound Technica hit the bullseye with these earphones. They’re adequately snappy to stand apart however not so flashy that they draw undesirable consideration.

Since their underlying delivery, these earphones have opened up in one or two variety choices incorporating unobtrusive dim blue with tan calfskin and secretive all-dark. While there aren’t a plenty of variety choices, you shouldn’t have an issue finding one that you like list crawler long island.

Feel to the side, the ATH-M50x is a strong sets of earphones. The whole form is plastic, so anticipate nothing premium here, however join the lightweight plastic with the rich cushioning, and these are agreeable to wear for those long listening meetings.

The ear cups additionally turn 90 degrees so you can have them level around your neck when not being used, and you can change them marginally to get the most familiar fit. While they’re not quite as agreeable as something like the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Expert earphones we evaluated with their velour cushioning, they’re unquestionably more flexible with regards to seeing as a solid match.

On the disadvantage, the ATH-M50x don’t inhale very well because of the cushioning, so assuming that you’re in a more sultry climate you could find that you want to require some investment to time to keep away from sweat-soaked ears. While we approved of strength, it’s valuable as a top priority that these are as yet made of plastic so you might not have any desire to toss a heap of books or a PC on top of them.

Sound Technica Ath-M50X versus Beats Solo Master – How Does The ATH-M50x Sound?

The Sound Technica ATH-M50 is showcased as screen earphones, yet it’s more similar to a Swiss Armed force Blade of sound on the off chance that you’re going just by the sound execution. Its recurrence reaction is moderately nonpartisan, yet there is as yet a slight accentuation on notes in the lower frequencies that you won’t track down on better quality studio earphones.

These earphones sound extraordinary with regards to old style music, particularly in the upper frequencies where string instruments lie. These earphones imitate incredible mids and highs long island listcrawler.

How Would You Associate These Earphones?

These emerged before everybody concluded that eliminating the earphone jack a smart thought (which it wasn’t), so each of the three links that are remembered for the crate have a 3.5mm jack toward the end. As we referenced above, it accompanies a quarter-inch connector so on the off chance that you have a sound point of interaction or better quality piece of stuff you can simply screw it on.

In any case, it’s worth focusing on that Sound Technica as of late delivered a remote variant of these, the ATH-M50xBT. Also, I urge you to go for that choice over the maturing ATH-M50x, not just for the remote redesigns, yet for the evacuation of the link locking system.

Sound Technica Ath-M50X versus Beats Solo Expert

Somewhat More About Beats

Gained by Apple back in the exciting long periods of 2014, the Beats brand has gone from one solidarity to another and presently envelops an extensive variety of over-ear earphones and in-ear headphones.

As far as you might be concerned, Beats bargains trackers that implies a few fabulous modest Beats Earphones deals on the more seasoned models, albeit the new ones are much of the time available to be purchased too. There are Beats Earphone costs for everybody also, fortunately, as costs range from just $45/£59 the whole way to $249/£249.


With regards to Sound Technica ATH-M50X versus Beats Solo Master, both are truly extraordinary earphones yet the ATH-M50X is best for proficient studio use.

These specific sets of Beats earphones truly do for sure offer studio-quality sound, yet you are never going to involve a remote association in a studio climate in view of the innate defers that show up with that listcrawler phx.

Sound Technica and Beats are the two organizations that have gained their appreciation in the sound world. In the event that you’re curious about every one of the different phrasings with regards to earphones, in any case, settling on the best earphones for you can be hard.

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