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Benefits of Using Shipment Tracking Software

If you’re an E-commerce retailer, the product that you’re selling is the single most asset. If the product is priced over $100, it must display your item. The item must be on the shelf until handed over to the buyer. To make the work of an E-commerce seller easy, shipment tracking software is required.

The more products you sell every day, the more eyes will be keeping an eye on your products. It’s not possible to keep track of your items which are shipped through a variety of couriers. If you type in the information of each item on going onto their websites.

With the right software for shipment tracking, you’ll have no chance of losing goods, so there’s no loss to the business. For more information, here are some advantages of using an application for tracking shipping. It is important to know prior to incorporating it into your online store.

Timely and efficient

If you can control all your shipping with just one program, you’ll greatly reduce time. This will result in less confusion and also increased efficiency.

Shipping costs decreased

Many sellers on E-commerce utilize one shipping service for the delivery of their merchandise. It makes it less difficult for multiple websites to monitor delivery.

However, the software to track shipment allows you to connect any number of couriers you’d like. This means that you can choose the most reliable couriers at the lowest price and track each one through an online dashboard.

Improve visibility and improve the satisfaction of customers by using a single platform to monitor delivery status. Monitoring becomes simple and error-free. You can track the delivery’s progress and notify customers of any delays caused by their orders.

Shipment Information

It’s easy to make errors when collecting information from different websites that provide information about couriers and this can result in difficulties. If you’re using Tracker software for shipping, each of the information previously provided is displayed on a single dashboard.

You can perform actions like the import and export of information about your shipment tracking in bulk, producing shipping labels by printing them in large quantities or create massive shipping manifests.

Automatic updates, notifications, and alerts

It lets you notify your customers about any changes to the delivery status for an order directly to customers through the dashboard. It also allows you to deliver shipping alerts to your customers via email, SMS, or via mobile apps.

Customized shipping collateral

It lets you customize your shipping packaging templates label, shipping labels and print on custom formats, and more. This means that you can place your logo and company name on all your shipping collateral. Also, it will improve the recall of your brand for your customers.

API for tracking your products. It lets you integrate your software for inventory tracking or your website to display real-time updates about the status of your delivery to your customers.

Cloud-based data reports

You can look over the historic delivery data at any time and from any location since it saves to the Cloud. Get reports on the state of delivery and the performance and calculate the average time to deliver. Find out more regarding the delivery and numerous other information.

Notifications There is the option to create reminders that remind you of when your shipping date is approaching. Also, any time the package needs to be delivered by a specific shipping service. It reduces delays in addressing and manual dependency when sending parcels.

Automated reminders help employees to be productive. This is without having concern about being unable to remember the tasks of the day.


If you’re here, you’re likely aware of how valuable shipment tracking can provide. I’m sure you won’t take the time to put it in place for your work.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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