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Shia Quran Education is very important in our life

What makes Shia Quran Education different? Shia Quran Education

 The classes are taught by teachers who have degrees in education, which ensures that the knowledge they share with students is authentic and not just based on what they have learned through books. Shia Quran Education also offers extracurricular activities such as sports, drama, and dance that help students develop their physical, social, and emotional skills. Shia Quran Education 

The 5 pillars of Shia education.

Shia education is a belief that students should be taught to develop their own knowledge and understand the reasoning behind their learning. Students are then free to question the knowledge they are learning and to be able to think critically about what they are learning. Shia education is also said to be a social justice education. Shia Quran Education 

The 4 branches of Shia education.

Hafiz, the Akhbari, and the Mutakallim. The Noble Quran is the basis of Shia education. The Hafiz, who memorized the Quran, teaches it to others and is also a leader of a religious community. The Akhbari is a scholar who interprets the Quran in light of other sources. The Mutakallim is an expert in Islamic jurisprudence and law. Shia Quran Education 

What are the benefits of Shia education?

Shia education is one of the most important aspects of Iranian culture and society. The importance of education in Iran is believed to have been instilled in the country by the Prophet Muhammad who, in a hadith, said “Seeking knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim.” One of the greatest benefits of Shia education is that it has helped create a culture of learning and literacy in Iran. The literacy rate in Iran is 99%. This means that 99% of Iranians can read and write. This literacy rate has contributed to the development of many technological advances. Shia Quran Education

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