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SHEIN LEGIT READ THIS Before You Shop at SheIn 

There’s something I need to explain before you even start reading this. Neither Shein (formerly SheInside) nor any other entity compensated me monetarily or otherwise for penning this article. I paid for this Shein buy entirely out of pocket.

What, exactly, is SHEIN APPAREL?

After being a happy Shein client for so long, I can’t believe I’ve taken the time to write this article. I know that many of you are budget fashionistas like myself. On top of that, websites like Shein, Romwe, Oasap, and Choices sell incredible items at unbelievable low costs.

Yes, I have seen the BBB complaints and heard about the terrible experiences people have had with shein dresses. Everyone who writes about fashion or shops at secondhand stores wears these goods despite their awful ratings.
All right, here’s my best guess: The SheIn discount code page now features over 500 different products. If you haven’t fallen in love with your SheIn purchases yet, you may now exchange them for a different size or send them back. You might even say that your stuff “sparks delight” in you.


Is my suspicion that Shein is a con artist justified? Should I trust Shein? What is your opinion on the Shein product quality? What are people’s opinions about their time on Shein (Shein side)? Just how flexible is SheIn when it comes to returns and exchanges?

Then you’ve arrived at the perfect location. Here are my honest opinions, descriptions, and pictures in response to your inquiry as a client. Years ago, when I was still in school, I happened onto Shein. Over the years, I have spent a considerable amount of money at Shein. Ready? Let’s get moving then.


So, can we consider Shein to be a reliable company? To give you a short response to your question: yes. Some of their practises, though, may strike you as peculiar at first (and suspicious). You’ll need to foot the bill for certain services, like having your shipment sent back to you from abroad (read Shein return policy).

Shein dresses are eligible for free returns within 40 days (read it here) for customers in the United States who have made their first purchase. In spite of the fact that it could take weeks for your goods to arrive at your doorstep, the free return policy does not account for this.

Not only do I not have to pay for shipping when I make a purchase here, but I also don’t have to pay if I need to return an item.

When questioned about “Where does Shein ship from?”

China is home to the global headquarters of the shein’s dress industry. Until now, my most recent cargo has been coming all the way from Hong Kong. Since my order total was over $100, I received free Express Shipping as a token of your appreciation.

In addition, I applied a Shein’s promo code and received a point bonus of $0.99, bringing the grand total to $99. The delivery arrived in less than a week.


Express Shipping, for a cost of $12.90, is highly suggested if you need your order delivered fast within the United States. You can also get free Express Shipping if your order totals $100 or more.


Okay, so you received your Shein’s order and weren’t overly impressed. If you change your mind about keeping the items, how do you go about getting your money back?

You’ll have to cover the expense of mailing it back if you don’t get shipping insurance. I should have gotten shipping insurance but I didn’t. Donations and hand-outs are made of unworn Shein’s items. The clothes are so reasonably priced that I decided to give them away instead of asking for a refund. Don’t bother. There is a link to Shein’s return policy on their homepage.

There have been numerous customer complaints concerning the inability to get a refund after paying to return an item. Discussing the shein’s dress here. You’ve seen what others have said about it on Shein’s, yet you still have to have it. Advice on making purchases on the Shein’s website.


Avoid purchasing anything without first reading customer reviews. They know what they’re doing, and the models in their ads always look stunning in Shein’s. Seeing the item on a real person is a huge aid when making a purchase.

Always double-check the size chart before ordering from Shein’s. Don’t get your regular size if an item is listed as XS-XL. You may need to size up (or down) with Shein’s clothes if you buy based on body measurements alone.

Is this your first time using the term “shein” or your tenth? To save money, look for a Shein’s promo code online. Save 10% on purchases over $100 with code AFE10. The Shein’s website routinely has sales.

You might save money with this Shein coupon code : -ROUND2: $10 off of $59+.
If you’re looking for reasonably priced, on-trend clothing, Shein’s is the place to go (like faux suede, ruffle sleeves, peplum dresses, and off-shoulder tops). Discovering new fashions has never been easier than with this site. The lace dress by Self Portrait costs $495, while the identical outfit by Shein’s costs only $29.

When it comes to investing in heirloom-quality pieces, I wouldn’t recommend Shein’s. As with any rule, there are always exceptions. A one-stop shop for trendy, affordable clothing, Shein’s is a must-visit.


On June 16 I placed an order, and on June 21 it arrived. Express shipping is free on all Shein’s dress orders over $100. Stay calm. Express shipping is not free in Alaska. In the past, my deliveries to Alaska have taken between two and four weeks.

I made shipments to any of the contiguous United States’ 48 states. I did not purchase shipping insurance at the cost of $2.99. Shein’s accepts PayPal and major credit cards. In non-US online shops, I frequently use PayPal. The PayPal dispute policy is customer-friendly.


As you can see, the sizes of the clothes I bought range from extremely small to moderate. This is because I feel like Shein’s dresses’ sizing is completely arbitrary. I measured the item to get the best fit (in inches).

The inseam is 32 inches, the chest circumference is 26, and the hip circumference is 36. If you have a ballpark figure for your size, you may shop with confidence.

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