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Send Quick Divorce Notice Pakistan By Lawyer

Quick Divorce Notice Pakistan:

If you need quick divorce notice Pakistan or divorce papers Pakistan, you may contact us. Violence   In the child marriages arranged through matchmaking, girls were particularly vulnerable to violence. Girls did not have the opportunity to express their desires, needs, and experiences. Girls did not have the education and skills and, therefore, bargaining power in domestic life before divorce notice Pakistan or divorce papers Pakistan.


 Matchmaking was usually initiated by parents and prospective husbands who were older in the hope that the prospective husband would be able to ease the burden of the family’s economy and upgrade the family for the better. Girls ended up being economically dependent on their husbands. Winda (21 years) was one example of a girl experiencing violence within their marriage. Winda’s parents set her up with a 40-year-old man when Winda was 16 years old.


Poverty prevented Winda from continuing education after graduating from intermediate school. Winda’s family also had a lot of debt, so when the man came with the promise of helping the family’s economy before divorce notice Pakistan or divorce papers Pakistan, Winda’s parents accepted the proposal without Winda’s approval. In her marriage life, Winda experienced physical violence when her ex-husband felt Winda made mistakes. Winda, who did not love and even feared her husband, often refused sexual advances, so in the end, the husband returned Winda to her parents after three months of marriage. “I do not know what my mistakes were, suddenly he said that I like to return to the house of my parents, he said I cannot do that, I do not have any relations with my parents anymore. Then he was furious.

Divorce Papers Pakistan:

Regarding divorce notice Pakistan or divorce papers Pakistan, you may call us. He hit me, he hit me with a broom, and he poured hot noodles on me. “(Winda, female, 22 years, 31 August 2017) Violence also happened not only to wives but also to their families, as in Irma’s first marriage (18 years). Domestic violence was limited to not only physical violence but also verbal and psychological violence. Not allowing a wife to go home to meet parents and family or not to stay in a parent’s home was a form of violence that was often encountered in the case of child marriage in the village of Cisolok.

Case of Winda and Irma:

Both in the case of Winda and Irma, violence in child marriage was one of the strongest reasons for them to file for divorce through divorce notice Pakistan or divorce papers Pakistan. Too young and unready to marry  Many study participants said that being married at a young age, boys and girls are not psychologically ready. In their teens, they still want to play and hang out with their peers. From the study, it was found that husbands often play with peers or coworkers outdoors, while the wives are more limited at home. The wife, who is still a child at heart, also wants the freedom to play with peers and neighbors.

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