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Lead Generation Strategy For Small Business

The only way to grow your small business’ revenue is through massive sales. So, it is naturally convenient for you to increase the number of prospective customers. 

Lead generation is an inevitable process small businesses have to go through. But, the problem is that these businesses are always shorthanded on the fund, they are short-staffed, and they don’t have enough experience generating quality leads possible for conversion. 

Small businesses usually rely on referrals, they often don’t have a good lead-generating strategy, and they also have trouble nurturing the newly generating leads. 

So, if these are your problems, allow us to help you with some lead generation strategies for small businesses. Here are some simple strategies small businesses can use to generate good quality leads in high numbers. 


Do you know why a Digital Marketing Agency is a profitable business idea? Because SEO and digital marketing are elemental for the current market. You need to implement effort in SEO if you want to generate high-quality local leads worthy of conversion. 

  • Start with a basic Google My Business listing. 
  • Once you have a business page, optimize it for ranking and appear on the searchers’ feed. 
  • Also, you can claim local business website listing on popular directories like Yelp, Merchant Circle, and Citysearch.
  • Get reviews from customers and promote your businesses across different online platforms. 

Start A Blog

You are mistaken if you think that blogs are outdated. You can feature content and get your page ranked in the SERP by publishing blogs. Once your page is ranking, you can direct your audience to your business page. 

  •  You can feature written content, infographics, videos, and GIFs in your blog. Your point should be to help your audience and answer their queries.
  • Once you improve your Blogging SEO techniques, you can rank higher in the SERP. 

Guest Post To Increase Industry Authority 

Guest Post not only earns you backlinks, but you can also establish industry-specific relationships and present your business as an authority. You can attract a new set of leads from a new base of audience located in different parts of the world. 

  • You can offer your industry expertise for free and publish blogs on different famous relevant platforms.
  • Also, you can add relevant links to your website in the guest posting articles – redirecting your audience to valuable and relevant pages of your website.
  • You can also work with the local publishers and make them publish your link or mention your website in their content. 

If you are looking for backlinks, many blogger outreach platforms are there to help you. 

Run Social Media Ads

Facebook ads or Instagram ads are very effective for generating the good quality leads you to want. The budget for these ads is also very minimum. Plus, you have the reach of millions of audiences on social media. 

Different social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn offer great online advertisement options.

Build A Referral Network 

One of the most effective and clenched methods of generating leads is to offer referral rewards. This is one way to expand your reach and build a relationship.

  • You can consider projects based on case studies and interviews and do different types of collaborations. 
  • Also, inviting different authority sites to guest post on your site is also a great way of building a referral network.

Run Different Events

Leads come knocking at your website when you have done a good marketing campaign. When you launch events, you already have the potential of making some amount of leads. You can take the number of new leads higher by following these steps –

  • Host webinars.
  • Look for an opportunity to speak at different local conferences and raise awareness. 
  • Use social media platforms and create content. 
  • Often going live on social media also helps.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Yes, cold email outreach still works, and many businesses are still surviving mainly on email marketing. You can use emails to generate more traffic for your business. Your emails can give the subscribers the best reasons to return to your site and possibly convert. 

By sending meaningful emails and newsletters, you can inform your recipients to are interested in your business. You can also offer them links to your website’s content. 

Offer Deals, Samples And Coupons

It’s one of the marketing & advertisement strategies that have worked for a long time. You can offer discounts and exclusive deals on your business products to your audience. Also, offering free samples to product reviewers and directly to consumers also helps with mouth-to-mouth marketing.

  • You can offer your customers new deals on your products
  • Offer them free expert advices
  • Offering product samples also works great for generating leads. 

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Final Words

When It comes to generating leads, small businesses find it very hard to generate new leads, nurture them and respond to the old ones. But, as a small business, if you follow the steps mentioned here, you will find profitable results. 

Starting with SEO, digital marketing, and social media presence — these tips will help you do more in generating leads. 

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