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Self Storage: Expectations vs. Reality

If you’ve never stored your things in a self-storage unit before, you could feel slightly apprehensive about the whole thing. Understandably, leaving your prized possessions and valuables in the hands of someone else – a total stranger, really – would be unnerving for just about anyone.

Your precious things won’t be kept safe

In reality, however, your things are likely to be safer with a reputable self-storage company than anywhere else – even when they are in your own home. This is because a good company should have top security measures set in place, to ensure that your belongings are looked after as well as possible.

Aside from theft – which tends to be the more obvious safety concern – other safety measurements are also put in place at storage facilities to lower the risk of loss or damage. For example, certain things are prohibited from being stored in self-storage units, as they could leak, start a fire or even cause an explosion. 

Most of the time, people rent out self-storage units because they don’t have the money or space to store it themselves anymore. Other times, it’s also to keep dangerous tools or machinery away from their children, at least until they are old enough to be around it again. In this situation, self-storage keeps both your family and your things safe. 

It’s difficult to move your belongings into storage

Moving your things can be very difficult – both physically and emotionally – without the right help and support. Not only can the act itself be draining, but it can also take a very long time. Fortunately, the most reliable and trustworthy self-storage companies will go out of their way to make the process easy and efficient. 

Some companies will even handle the packing for you, which means you won’t even have to worry about moving your things into boxes – let alone a storage unit. These services are extremely useful, especially when you need to move items at the last minute because of an emergency or unforeseen event. 

It’s going to cost you a huge amount of money

One might expect that renting out a self-storage unit costs a lot of money, or simply isn’t worth spending money on in the first place when you could just sell the items instead. Once again, the reality is quite the opposite. 

Self-storage units come in many shapes and sizes, with the price increasing with the size. Smaller units that cost less can still store a huge amount of things, so you can find a price that suits you and your storage needs without having to pay for space you won’t use.  

The other thing is that while you might be able to save money by selling your things instead of storing them, quick sales aren’t always guaranteed. By rushing a sale, you could be forced or tricked into underselling the item, losing a lot of money in the process. 

You might also be in a situation where your belongings are priceless to you and you aren’t ready to part with them – or perhaps you want to keep them to give to your children one day. In both these cases, renting out a self-storage unit is a very small price to pay when it comes to investing in something of so much importance. 

The costs involved outweigh the benefits

Although self-storage prices do vary, the benefits almost always outweigh any costs involved – especially when you speak to a professional to ensure you go about it correctly. By leaving your valuable items with a trustworthy and affordable company, you can easily clear your own space of clutter and mess, make room for your kids or guests to stay with you, and of course, transform your living environment by moving house entirely. 

Getting rid of things now that you might need later on, actually saves you money in the long run. Instead of going through the time, effort and money spent rebuying items, you can avoid all this hassle – time better spent doing something else. You might also want to keep in mind that things that cost you a certain amount 5 or 10 years ago, will no doubt be much more expensive to rebuy or replace in the years to come. 


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