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How to Improve Security at Airports

Maintaining airport security is critical to keep everyone safe in a fast-paced world fueled by international commerce and travel. Unfortunately, airports around the globe report numerous security breach incidents annually. These breaches can lead to costly losses and injuries. Discover how to better secure and manage airport boundaries to reduce breaches and maintain the highest level of safety.

Acknowledge the Challenge

The first step to improving security at airports is acknowledging the challenges based on the property’s location and characteristics. For example, some airports have miles of property around their perimeter to secure. As a result, understanding the magnitude of this challenge empower operators to find ways to be more efficiently alerted to breaches. In addition, knowing the property scope enables the team to find solutions to detect breaches faster and more effectively.

Examine the Perimeter

Where could security breaches occur, and how can they be prevented? The second step is examining the airport territory to combine perimeter detection and analytics tools with video surveillance systems. Integrating these systems seamlessly helps identify intrusions and reduce the risk of distracting and costly false alarms.

Choose a Unified Security Platform

An open-architecture security platform offers the highest level of situational awareness. A unified platform combines features such as video surveillance, license plate recognition, and access control to best manage the perimeter, tarmac, and passenger terminal. Additionally, ongoing innovations improve perimeter production with technology such as trip-wires, detection, microwave, buried cable, and fence detection.

Imagery Matters

Clear visuals improve security protocols because everyone can see the issues to fix them. As a result, complement perimeter detection with high-resolution cameras in strategic locations to get clear, long-range imagery. The first line of perimeter direction prompts alerts for the camera to zoom in on the target area for detection. Then the surveillance footage goes to the security monitor center or the security director via smartphone to instantly verify and respond to the situation.

Integrated Management

Finally, managing security devices from an integrated mapping system makes it easy for operators to access the views required to confirm a situation and location. Combined with high-resolution cameras, perimeter detection and mapping tools reduce the risk of security breaches going undetected. In addition, a combination of robust security tools empowers the monitoring team to detect and resolve security breaches quickly.

Evolve and Change

As technology evolves, airport security protocols must evolve with it. Ongoing research is necessary to ensure airport security equipment remains modern without outdated components that increase the risk of security breaches. Maintaining updated equipment and combining technologies helps reduce undetected breaches. Additionally, provide training and support to the monitoring team to ensure they understand how to use and maximize all security equipment features.

Maintaining airport security is crucial to keep people safe and avoid international disruption. Travelers rely on airports to provide a secure business or recreational travel environment. That means investing in the right security equipment is critical to monitor the perimeter properly and detect problems. Contact a security expert today to learn more about maintaining the safest airport environment.

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