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Seaweed Rug- An Unusual Home Accessory – Floorspace

The seagrass rug will undoubtedly appeal to connoisseurs of comfort, unusual decor items and natural materials. Here are things about what a natural lint-free seaweed carpet is, how and where to use it in the interior, and also how to care for an unusual wicker accessory.

The charm of eco material

Seagrass is a plant material that has been used in Asia for hundreds of years to weave furniture and mats. The fibers are harvested by hand and dried in the sun, and then they are woven into dense and beautiful mats for the home.

Products made from sea cane are not subject to dyeing, so their color is completely natural and neutral – light brown, beige, olive or light green. That is why such rugs are relevant in any interior.

The practical qualities of a natural thread are also on top: paths made of vegetable raw materials do not fade, do not wipe, and are resistant to dirt, which means that your new interior element will not require painstaking cleaning.

The care rules are:

Vacuum cleaning as needed.

To maintain the elasticity of the material, spray it with water from a spray bottle once a month, and then ventilate well. This procedure will allow the natural fiber to remain elastic and shiny.

How to choose a plant-based rug

Color: Algae is a natural waterproof material. That is why it cannot be dyed with either synthetic or natural dyes. The color of the rug and walkway made of sea cane will be the same as the tone of the raw material at the time of its collection – from honey to ocher and olive. After some time of use, the product may slightly change color. Do not be upset, this is a natural process that will not spoil the appearance in any way.

Weaving type: Seaweed mats are woven in a variety of ways. Choose the pattern that you like: checkerboard, herringbone or tweed.

The size: Of course, the sizes of carpets are different. It can be a small walkway in the hallway or a canvas that covers the entire area of the bedroom or living room.

The form: Rectangle, square, circle – the choice will depend on the design of the room, its purpose and the space reserved for the mat.

The lining can be made of natural fabric or synthetic. If absolute naturalness is important to you, check this point with the seller.

Density: The denser and tighter the weave is, the more pleasant the seaweed rug is to the touch. This parameter is important for those who like to walk barefoot.

Natural lint-free carpet and interior

Designers advice to support the rug with other eco-accessories when decorating the room. For example, wicker furniture, natural wood, rattan, bamboo.

A product made of  is so versatile in its properties that it is suitable for any room: it will bring comfort to the living room and bedroom , it will become a practical element in the hallway and on the balcony , it will be a safe addition to the nursery.

A Floorspace seagrass rug can even be used in the bathroom. However, it is worth paying attention to the quality of ventilation in the room: if the room is too humid, the sea reed can suffer from the development of fungus. To avoid this, the track will have to be aired outdoors a couple of times a week.

Another nuance concerns the appearance of the mat. If you buy it for a balcony, be prepared for the fact that over time, under constant exposure to the sun, the sea reed will lose its luster.

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