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Schneider Electric: Wiser Smart Home & Home Automation

Programming the technologies in your house via a central hub that, by going over the Wi-Fi, can be accessible whether you are at home or away from home is the essence of home automation. You can exert more control over your house and enjoy a wide range of other advantages if you use this hub. 

Home automation is a relatively new development that is quickly gaining favor among homeowners since it is becoming less costly all the time. You can manage anything from the lights to the temperature to the music at any time using your smartphone, tablet, or computer if you link all of your personal devices, entertainment platforms, and home appliances to a single automation “hub.”

The following is a brief explanation of how home automation works, as well as the reasons why it is an option that homeowners should be aware of.

What is a wiser home?

A house that is wiser is also a smarter home. Wiser is a superior and less difficult method for exercising control over your house. It comes equipped with an app that is simple to set up and a smart heating system. Smart home thermostats provide you access to many functions and advantages, regardless of where you are or when you need them.

Imagine living in a high-tech house that puts you in charge.

A wiser smart home adapts to your routine by doing things like opening the curtains when the sun comes up, turning the air conditioning on before the heat of the day, and turning the lights down when you go to bed. 

Wiser is a smart home solution that can be scaled up and automated. It gives you the ability to manage practically anything in your house with just one app. It is simple to install and configure, and it may expand in response to the changing demands of your business.

What is smart home automation and how does it work?

The term “home automation” refers to the process of electronically and automatically controlling many aspects, activities, and equipment inside a home. It implies that you can simply manage the utilities and amenities of your home over the internet, making your everyday life easier and more secure while also allowing you to spend less money on household expenses. Home automation allows for the elimination of the need to manually operate individual equipment by means of an associated smartphone app or a voice-activated assistant.

Automating tasks around the house not only makes life easier but also has the potential to save expenses related to climate control, electrical consumption, and lighting. Home automation may also result in a higher level of safety by using Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as surveillance cameras and alarm systems.

Which home automation system is best?

All living areas may benefit from the increased safety, adaptability, energy efficiency, and comfort that smart home systems provide. Because of advances in technology and advancements in home automation, every project will become an investment that is secure for the future. 

The Wiser Smart Home platform is compatible with a broad range of devices manufactured by Schneider Electric, such as thermostats, light and shutter switches, and more. With the ability to easily customize it, your house may be adapted to meet your requirements at the moment, and you can add additional amenities whenever you feel the need for them. 

Wiser is now compatible with Amazon Echo, giving you the ability to link Wiser items to the smart home system you already have and use your voice assistant to manage those goods. Wiser is an all-inclusive solution for linked homes that bring comfort, convenience, and security to the domestic sphere. It is able to operate a variety of home operations in a number of different ways, including via voice command through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Tmall Genie; locally through linked switches; and remotely through the Wiser by SE app.

Who needs home automation?

Customers that have the highest tendency to buy smart technology are driven to do so by rebates and incentives, energy insights, etc. The concept of automating one’s home was once considered a luxury good, then a passing trend, and is today considered essential technology. 

Automating routine tasks and procedures around the house and giving the machine a single point of control is what we call home automation. The appliances and equipment are linked and can send information, which is subsequently compiled. If the system is provided with knowledge about typical patterns of use, it will be better able to adapt to your requirements and identify significant deviations from the norm. The development of more advanced technology has led to an easier way of living.

What is the most popular home automation?

Amazon Echo, now the most widely used hub system, provides home automation services of the highest caliber. You have the option of controlling the devices verbally or using the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone. Alexa enables users to get things done with a single request, making the process simpler and easier. Amazon Echo will protect your house, and you will have control over all of your appliances.

On the other hand, there are also home automation systems that provide the highest quality results, such as the Wiser Smart Home. Schneider Electric makes a wide range of services that work with the Wiser Smart Home platform. These include thermostats, light and shutter switches, and more. 

Since it’s easy to change, your house can be made to fit your needs right now, and you can add more features whenever you want to. It can control different home functions in a number of ways, including by voice command through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Tmall Genie, locally through linked switches, and remotely through the Wiser by SE app.

What are advantages of smart homes?

The more your children learn about emerging technologies, the more equipped they will be for the future. Technology is here to stay, so encourage them to learn as much as they can about them. Through the use of home automation projects, you may transform your house into a school for your children so that they can get a valuable education.

A family that spends time together having fun is more likely to remain together. Although home automation encompasses all of these things and more, the primary benefit is that it makes life more enjoyable for the whole family. As a result of everyone in the family learning about the potential of the technology together, you will discover that home automation will bring the family closer together.

What are the advantages of home automation?

Home automation refers to a system that consists of a collection of different pieces of hardware, methods of communication, and electronic interfaces that are all linked together via the use of the internet. Because every component has sensors and is linked to one another through Wi-Fi, you are able to control anything from your mobile device regardless of whether you are in the same room as it or in another part of your house. This enables you to perform things like switch on the lights, lock the front door, and even adjust the temperature in the house regardless of where you are. 

Through the use of home automation, a great number of jobs that are, by their very nature, repetitive may be completed automatically or with fewer steps. When you want to watch a movie with your family, home automation enables you to perform this activity with the push of a single button, rather than having to switch off or dim the lights in four separate rooms individually. 

To sum it up…

Programming the technologies in your house via a central hub that, by going over the Wi-Fi, can be accessible whether you are at home or away from home is the essence of home automation. You will be able to exert more control over your house and enjoy a wide range of other advantages if you use this hub.

There are few things in life that are as significant as being able to say that you are happy and at ease while you are at home. Because you are able to control the lighting and temperature in your home from almost any room, you can ensure that it is always exactly the way you want it, even if you are too preoccupied to get up and modify the settings on the thermostat. 

This is made possible by a home automation system. You may instruct the voice assistant on your phone to have the automation hub play your favorite music from any connected device if you’re feeling down or coming home from a difficult day at work by saying this to the voice assistant on your phone. 

It’s a great feeling to be able to open an app and adjust the temperature without moving a muscle if you have children who are complaining that the house is too hot or too cold while you’re trying to relax. This is especially true if one of your family members is complaining about the temperature while you’re trying to unwind.

These advantages are just some of the many benefits that home automation can provide for your whole family. Are you interested in learning more developments about home automation? You can visit https://www.se.com/th/en/ for further elaboration on the concept of home automation.

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