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Samsung vs. Apple Watch: Which Is Best?

Can you believe that the global smartwatch industry will be worth more than $156 billion by 2030?

Watches were brought down to mere fashion accessories once smartphones became the most convenient way to keep track of time and do other useful tasks. With the invention of smartwatches, though, this technology has brought a new wave of interest in wearing watches. With so many smartwatches on the market, you might feel overwhelmed by your options.

The two top contenders for many people are Apple and Samsung products. Do you need help determining the winner of the Samsung vs Apple debate? Read our guide so you can buy the best brand for your unique needs.

Apple and Samsung Watch Appearance

Even though smartwatches go way beyond fashion, it’s still important to buy a device that you’ll feel confident wearing. You should have an easy time matching it with all of your outfits and feel pleased whenever you look down at it. The first thing that you’ll notice about these two brands is that Apple smartwatches are rectangular while Samsung smartwatches are circular.

If you want the look of a traditional watch, then Samsung may be the way to go. If you plan on reading lots of texts, then you may enjoy the look of a rectangular screen instead. It can be helpful to spend some time in a smartwatch store playing with both brands to figure out what you like the most.

Apple and Samsung Watch Price

Price can be a huge factor that helps customers decide which smartwatch is their ideal match. If you’re working on a tighter budget, then Samsung is the clear winner. The Samsung 5 Galaxy watch starts at $279.99 for the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi model while the LTE version starts at $329.99.

If you want to treat yourself to the Samsung 5 Pro, you’ll have to pay $449.99 for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi or $499.99 for LTE. For people who are interested in scoping out Apple smartwatches, the Watch 7 starts at $399 for GPS only and it costs $499 to get cellular connectivity.

People who aren’t as picky about getting the newest technology could save an impressive amount by buying older models from either brand.

Apple and Samsung Watch Battery Life

Even though traditional watches have a long battery life, it’s useful to remind yourself how much more you can accomplish with a smartwatch. You will need to charge your smartwatch on a regular basis, but there are some noteworthy differences if you’re somebody who doesn’t want to feel attached to the charger. In the battle of battery life, Samsung smokes Apple out of the water.

Samsung 5 smartwatch has a 410mAh battery that gives people up to 50 hours of use per charge. On the other hand, the Apple 7 smartwatch only has a 309mAh battery, which provides up to 18 hours of use per charge. Apple will get you through the day, but you need to remember to juice up at night if you want to use it again the next day.

Apple and Samsung Watch Durability

There’s nothing more annoying than having to remove your watch whenever you do specific activities. This is why you deserve to treat yourself to a smartwatch that can keep up with you rather than slow you down. Both Apple and Samsung have created excellent models in terms of durability.

Both smartwatches are waterproof for up to ten minutes at 164 feet. Not only can you wash your hands and do the dishes, but you can also go swimming without worrying about removing your watch. Both brands are also tough on dirt and dust, so your smartwatch won’t get damaged by debris.

Apple and Samsung Watch Fitness Technology

Lots of people use their smartwatches as their primary fitness device to ensure that they’re meeting their wellness goals. You’ll be delighted to know that both Apple and Samsung hit the mark when it comes to this specific type of technology.

If you want to keep an eye on your temperature to determine when you’re running hotter or colder than usual, Apple and Samsung have smartwatches with this technology. Samsung beat Apple to the punch, so this means that you’ll have to shell out for an Apple Watch Series 8 to enjoy this feature since all previous models lack a temperature sensor.

To enjoy the greatest fitness tracker, Samsung beats Apple yet again. Both devices can monitor your blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate. What makes Samsung stand apart from the competition is its ability to measure body fat and other body composition figures.

Apple and Samsung Watch User Experience

Any person who buys Apple products knows how consistent this company is regarding user experience. Their goal is to make using their products as simple and rewarding as possible. This means that if you have an iPhone or any other Apple product, then you may find that the Apple watch is the most convenient smartwatch for you.

This doesn’t mean that you have to rule out Samsung, though. Samsung does strive to make its smartwatches just as user-friendly as Apple. The only major downside is that you won’t be able to sync up your smartphone if you have Apple.

Samsung Vs Apple: Now You Can Decide What’s Right for You

There’s no doubt that everyone has a lot to unpack when it comes to the Samsung vs Apple smartwatch debate. The good news is that reading this guide has equipped you with the most important facts that will allow you to make an informed decision. Since there is no right or wrong answer here, your purchase depends on your unique preferences and needs.

Did you enjoy this article that breaks down the similarities and differences between Apple and Samsung smartwatches? If you want to stay on top of all of the latest tech news, then bookmark our website.

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