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Rules For Cooking Perfect Rice Every Time

Are you tired of mushy, clumpy rice ruining your meals? Sick of overcooked, dry-tasting grains that turn bland in the blink of an eye? It’s time to put those problems aside and learn how to cook rice perfectly every time! Here are fool-proof rules that will have you making light and fluffy rice, just like a professional. With these rules at hand, it won’t matter if you opt for white or brown rice; you’ll be able to make them both with consistent success! Bon Appetit!

Cooking Rice In A Rice Cooker

Cooking rice wasn’t always a hassle-free task. In the past, boiling it on the stove meant you’d have to keep a close eye on it, or else risk an overcooked, mushy mess. This is no longer the case! Purchase a stainless steel rice cooker and you can ensure perfect cooked rice every single time. The attractive designs and stylish features of most modern rice cookers mean that they can be part of your kitchen décor too. Purchase a stainless steel rice cooker that absorbs flavor better than boiled or steamed rice and has less chance of burning due to its use of thermal technology and temperature control settings. So if you are looking for perfectly cooked grains each time, purchase yourself a stainless steel rice cooker today!

Rinse Rice Before Cooking

To get perfect, fluffy rice every time you brush it before you cook. Rinsing your Rice will remove any dust or dirt and help reduce the amount of starch released while cooking so that your rice isn’t overly sticky. It’s recommended to rinse a few times in cold water until the rinse water is clear and not cloudy. Not only will this improve the flavor and texture of the cooked dish, but it can also help those who suffer from digestive issues. By taking a few minutes to rinse your Rice, you’ll have perfectly cooked grains each time!

Consider Toasting The Rice

Cooking perfect rice is a culinary art unto itself, often testing patience and even taking multiple tries to get it just right. One great tip for perfecting the process is toasting the rice in a pan before adding the liquid. This helps create complex flavors, enhance aromatics, and ultimately, reduce the amount of time that it takes to get nicely cooked, fluffy grains. In addition to this first step, there are four more rules regarding cooking perfect rice every time. Be sure to sort through your rice beforehand so that any debris or broken grains are removed; give the water a good rinse before adding it to the pot; don’t let your pot bubble over by using an appropriate size the pot with an adequate amount of fluid, and last but not least, take the pot off of heat once the lid starts jittering – this indicates that all of the liquid has been absorbed. With these five steps in mind, you can have perfect rice every time!

Don’t Forget To Season the Water

What’s the most important part of preparing the perfect pot of rice? Many would argue that it all comes down to seasoning the water. Rice is a delicate dish that can easily be ruined by incorrect seasoning, so it’s important to follow some key rules when adding flavor to your cooking water. The first, and most important rule, is never to forget to season the water. Salt, pepper, herbs, and even citrus can be added for an extra boost of flavor. Experienced cooks also recommend adding fat or spiced butter as well if you want full-bodied flavoring. The second rule is not to overload your water with too much flavor; a little goes a long way when seasoning with proteins or salty ingredients. Thirdly, stir your seasoned water before adding the rice for even distribution; this will ensure every spoonful has equal amounts of flavor. Lastly, give your rice time to continue cooking in seasoned water after boiling; this brings out the full aroma and taste of today’s delicious dish!

Reduce The Heat And Simmer Until All The Water Is Absorbed

Rice is one of the most basic ingredients used in many cuisines around the world and it’s an inexpensive, yet a highly nutritious option for meals. To make sure the rice cooks evenly and doesn’t become gummy or too mushy, it’s important to decrease the heat and simmer the rice until all of the water has been absorbed. This creates fluffy, separate grains that can be used as a side dish to any meal or as a bowl-style meal paired with sauces, meats, and veggies. Use caution when reducing the heat to ensure your main ingredient is cooked perfectly!


Following these simple rules will help you cook perfect rice every time. No more mushy or burnt rice! Do you have any other tips for cooking perfect rice? Let us know in the comments below.

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