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RoseHosting Review 2022: Best Hosting Provider?

St. Louis-based RoseHosting was formed in 2001 by Rose Web Services LLC. It operates a data centre there. RoseHosting.com says it was the first web hosting firm to offer commercial Linux virtual servers when they started. 

Rose Web Services LLC offers a variety of services. Hosting, tools, and domains are included. Rose Hosting focuses on VPS and Cloud hosting since they value quality above quantity.

RoseHosting’s pros

1. Reliable, fast hosting

RoseHosting is a great web host with great uptime and performance. Its uptime is 99.99 percent and its reaction time is 300 ms.

The site responds quickly compared to other hosts I’ve tracked. RoseHosting is five times faster than my other basic WordPress idle blogs. Checkout Rosehosting Review from TheAkGamer to know more amazing things about RoseHosting.

2. I like their no-overselling policy

In web hosting, consumers are crammed onto each server. They oversell resources because not all consumers will use their hosting packages. Overselling works – usually.

Many hosting businesses overpromise storage and bandwidth. RoseHosting’s web hosting goods and services are not oversold. They don’t advertise more storage and bandwidth than their servers have.

3. RoseHosting doesn’t outsource

RoseHosting’s self-managed servers set it apart from other Web hosts. Instead of renting data centre space, it has its own private facility.

This allows the organisation to give great service and preserve website performance, they say. The data center’s clientele will grow. It maximises earnings without sacrificing customer quality.

This customer-focused approach enables the company thrive without outside funding.

4. Enterprise-grade NVMe Storage

RoseHosting levels the playing ground by offering good equipment to all customers. All shared hosting plans use enterprise-grade NVMe storage, even the cheapest.

These drives perform better than others. Comparatively, speeds are 10x faster. Enterprise-grade drives are very durable, reducing hardware failure.

5. SLA guarantees 100% uptime

RoseHosting’s SLA guarantees 100% uptime (SLA). Since they own the data centre, they can ensure top performance.

RoseHosting will reimburse your account ten times the downtime hours if their equipment causes your website to fail. This excludes maintenance-related downtime.

RoseHosting’s dedicated server customers have damaged hardware replaced within two hours.

The Cons: RoseHosting flaws

RoseHosting has flaws, like any web host. I think this is partly due to how the business operates, not a major failure.

1. Limited Server Hosting Locations

RoseHosting’s self-operated data centre policy limits them to one site in Missouri, USA. This is great for website owners with domestic traffic, but not for overseas clients.

RoseHosting alienates half the world because to data latency between the US and Asia. While an international data centre cooperation could help, it would likely mean weaker standards.

2. Unspecialized support

RoseHosting prioritises web hosting. Customers must look elsewhere for related services. A business may need marketing capabilities, SEO consulting, or technologies, and must source these externally.

While it’s excellent that the company is focused, some clients want a “one-stop shop.”

3. Insufficient resources

RoseHosting’s “no overselling” policy has drawbacks. Comparatively, their plans’ resources are alarmingly low.

The cheapest shared hosting plan has 4GB of storage and 300GB of monthly bandwidth. Most shared hosting providers limit low plans’ resources, but rarely this much.

RoseHosting Plans and Pricing

RoseHosting offers shared hosting plans and VPS alternatives. There’s something for everyone in the latter.

1. RoseHosting Shared Hosting

There are three low-resource shared hosting plans. The cheapest package has 4GB of storage. Fast storage, but not enough.

2. RoseHosting VPS Hosting

RoseHosting VPS plans are nearly perfect. From plan options to advanced equipment. RoseHosting offers strong VPS hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions on RoseHosting

1. Is RoseHosting good?

RoseHosting is a high-quality service. The brand specialises in VPS hosting but has impressive shared hosting services. The main flaw is a lack of inexpensive plan resources.

2. RoseHosting beginner-friendly?

I’d recommend RoseHosting to individuals seeking quality over the essentials. RoseHosting is newbie-friendly, although their prices are higher than normal.

3. Is RoseHosting a good shared host?

RoseHosting’s shared hosting services are good but more expensive than average. Shared hosting options are quick and stable.

4. RoseHosting’s reliability

Reliable RoseHosting. Their SLA guarantees 100% uptime, a major benefit. This stability applies to shared and dedicated servers.

5. Is RoseHosting VPS good?

RoseHosting’s VPS benefit is its variety of plans. RoseHosting’s VPS structure makes scaling easier. After point X, switch to dedicated servers.

Checkout AK Gamer for more amazing reviews and free trial of other products.

RoseHosting Final Thoughts

Stability and speed matter most in hosting. RoseHosting did well there. RoseHosting is a robust hosting service with stringent no-oversell policies.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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