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How to choose a Roofing Contractors NYC | Empire Construction NY


As a rule, clients try to save on construction and choose not a company but the teams themselves. And here lies the first mistake, since it is impossible to check the level of the masters, even ordinary laborers who decide to earn extra money can get caught. And then there will be no one to ask for quality, not to mention guarantees. It should be noted that such teams, as a rule, receive piecework for their work, the roofing season is limited in time, so it is in the team’s interests to finish faster and move to another object. Even highly skilled workers, without supervision, make and do not correct critical mistakes.


Deciding to save further, customers increasingly try to control the construction process themselves. It takes a lot of time that you can spend more productively in your work, life. Workers often lack a small amount of some material and, in the case of the purchase of materials by the customer himself, they have to break off from work at any time and abandon all essential matters to provide working conditions for the team.

We save the time of our customers, the result is controlled by specially trained employees – technical supervision, we organize the additional supply of materials ourselves, which saves you a lot of time, and you do not need to think about where and what material to take. Moreover, our Roof Repair Contractors NYC work directly with the best manufacturers of roofing and related products. Before signing the Contract, we provide our clients with a detailed estimate, specifically for the object, in which all prices and quantities of materials are indicated and a list of roofing work performed. Before signing the Contract, the customer can check the price and amount of materials and ensure he is not deceived.


Often, when building a house, work is divided into several stages. Same with the roof. For example, in the first year of construction, a temporary or non-insulated shelter is made (usually in wooden houses before shrinkage), and in the second year – insulation and filing. The cold roof and the roof of the attic floor are structurally distinguished by the presence of only one bar and an adequately selected waterproofing film. Without installing them during the first stage. It is not possible to mount them without dismantling them in the second stage. There are additional costs for dismantling/installation and materials. From the very beginning, it is right to understand what the premises’ functionality should be.


When choosing materials via the Internet, the customer pays attention to the cost. We must remember the service life of cheap materials. All roofing materials sold have a place in the construction market, but each has its task – covering a change house or building a durable, reliable one. When choosing materials, the customer is faced with dishonest sellers whose task is to sell and not be responsible for the life of the entire structure. An inexperienced buyer who does not encounter similar materials daily will be able to appreciate only the price difference. It is only sometimes possible to understand the reliability and quality of the purchased material. Remember – its components’ shortest service life calculates a structure’s service life. Roofing Contractors NYC offers its customers only materials from the price-quality ratio “as for themselves.”


There are cases when the installation of one, even the most straightforward roof, is carried out by different teams. In the first stage, the truss system was exposed; in the second, the roofing was mounted; the third stage was the insulation and filing of the cornice overhangs. At the moment of the next step, the team that performed the previous step is busy, and the customer begins to look for other opportunities for further construction. This is a gross mistake. In case of poor-quality work by someone at one of the stages, it will only be possible to find those responsible. Therefore, perform all roofing work correctly with one organization. We provide a two-year warranty on all work performed.

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