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Rockspace Whole Setup And Tips

You are also a user which is facing the Setup issue?  Users face these issues in their daily routine but, we have many tips. So do not worry as we are up with a whole guide of rockspace extender setup. We will tell you the whole inside and outside settings of rockspace

Some Special Features Rockspace

The Rockspace mostly share the 2.4GHz and 5GHz of signal speed. And there are two antennas placed on it which can easily eliminate the signal’s distraction.

Which helps a lot in increasing the signal speed.

Let’s move further for more detailed tips.

Use Some Specific Channels

Avoid keeping Bluetooth headsets, printers and microwaves near the Rockspace extenders, try to use channel 1, 6 and 11 on the Rockspace router rather than using any other channel on your home network.  The above devices share the same frequency of 2.4GHZ, so ensure to make these changes to keep your extender running well all the time.

Update Your Extender’s Firmware

Old firmware versions can lead to dropping of the internet momentarily. For sure consider updating the Firmware of your extender. You can update it through rockspace Extender login. Markedly, it will help in updating the Firmware and speed as well.

Relocation Of Extender 

Shift your extender from one location to the other for good results. Try to make a plan for sketching your router’s location, mark the dead zones and AC outlets. Just look around, for a power outlet that should be clearly close to the router and to where you want the extender’s Wi-Fi signal to be. Plug in both the devices as well. Once it starts operating, go near the dead zones of your house and see if the  Wi-Fi is uplifted. As the location can also be a major reason for extender connectivity issues.

The Antennas Needs Adjustment 

If the extender is having adjustable antennas, you can easily reposition them to get the best ever WiFi network signals. As you know that most of the Rockspace extenders are outside built antennas. So it’s even better, as in general, you can swap them for higher gain to boost their sensitivity. 

Requirements For Rockspace Router setup

One thing you have to keep in mind, that a router is also a device which gets the internet connection from the Internet service provider.

The bandwidth and signal speed is decided to meet by your router once you fix your internet plan. Unbox the rockspace router and keep the configuration card that comes along with it.

  • To begin with, find the default IP address of the wifi router as most of the times it is labeled at the bottom of the router. 
  • Diminish the computer or smartphone connection problem connecting it with the router.
  • Keep the power socket near the Wifi router and place the extender at a close distance.
  • An ethernet cable is a potential and useful tip to form strong connections, though it is optional.

Blue LED   

In addition to the Blue Led Light, Whenever we talk about the blue LED Light it is also a sign of very good signals. Or we must add strong signals. But the same is the case with the Blue light as with the green lights. It depends on the brand, like some brand denoting green light for good signals. Some say Blue is the best sign of a good signal. So emit this confusion by simply reading out the manual of your product and brand and diminish this confusion.

Red Light The Bad Connectivity Indicator

When you get the Red light on the post process it means the Router and extender have not made any good connection. But no issues as we are up with our exclusive tip on reset left. As we were aware if the user devices will not get up doing all these tips then, we should be prepared for something more.

Reset The Device

  1. To reset the device. However you must unplug the Rockspace router and satellite both from the outlets first. Keep it unplugged for at least 3 seconds and then plug in back; and that’s how you can solve the problems regarding the internet.
  2. By pressing the reset button for 10 sec as a result you almost have done setting up your factory setting.
  3. If you want more assistance you need to contact the customer support system, as these steps aren’t working. 


We hope we have given a number of unique tips on Rockspace Wifi extender Setup, and all the tips are hopefully very helpful. But, still if there is any query of yours then you can unhesitantly comment in the below comment box.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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