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When it comes to deciding your menu, whether, for lunch or dinner, the first thing that comes to mind is rice, sure. You can handle your taste buds and those of your guests quite easily with any rice dish. These days, you don’t have to work hard all day in order to cook your favorite rice dish; rather, there are many rice cookers available on the market to make your job easy. But maintaining the texture is crucial; if your rice isn’t cooked well, you won’t be able to impress people with your food, and if they are too mushy, it would definitely not please your taste buds. Although there are many rice cookers available on the market that can reduce your time for cooking, not all guarantee a perfectly cooked bowl of rice. Rice cookers come in different capacities, starting with either 1 cup or 2 cups and going up to a maximum of 7 cups. You can choose from these variants based on your preferences and needs.

So, today we have brought you the three best brands that provide you with all the features that you need.


This rice cooker is rated number one worldwide because of its exceptional features. The best thing about this equipment is that it works on logic technology; yes, you’ve heard right, this rice cooker can think on its own; it will adjust the temperature and moisture content and will give a fine texture to your rice. This model comes with a capacity of 5.5 cups of rice, which is pretty sufficient for one family meal. By adjusting the settings to “warm,” you can keep the rice warm for a long period of time and also reheat it by pressing only one button. Another great feature that it offers is that it can help you cook every type of rice, whether white, brown, etc.; in fact, you can cook porridge and oatmeal as well. Impressive!

You can find this rice cooker easily at almost any dealer in an affordable price range, and it comes mostly in white color.


This rice cooker is multifunctional in nature; that is, it can cook all sorts and varieties of rice and porridge. Not only this, it comes with a 5-tray setting where you can steam meat, chicken, fish and various types of vegetables. Just like many rice cookers, it also offers a capacity of 5.5 cups. You can adjust your rice in the lower tray, and your main dish could be steamed in the upper one. It comes with 10 basic settings that include warming, reheating, and some intelligent sensors to maintain moisture and the desired temperature. This device is no doubt very handy; once you are done cooking, just wipe it off with a sponge, and your task is settled.


If you are looking for more capacity, Toshiba offers a special model in which you can cook 6 cups of rice all at once. Just like other good rice cookers, it also comes with all the digital features and specifications to make your task easy.


Toshiba has launched a new and improved model in their rice cooker series that is not only digital but programmable and multifunctional as well. Its functionality is improved; you can not only cook various forms of rice but also stews, soups, and other dishes as well. This 5.5-cup accommodating appliance has a unique and exclusive feature that is very beneficial for your health. While cooking your required amount of rice, it not only removes 37 percent of unneeded starch but also increases the amount of healthy starch required by the body by 34 percent. Your work has now been reduced to only one touch. This model of Toshiba rice cooker comes with a special one-touch technology where, with one touch, you can enable various features, be it cooking, warming, or reheating your meal. The fuzzy technology makes the appliance truly intelligent, so it can adjust the time, temperature, texture, and moisture on its own without you looking into it and adjusting it after every few minutes. So, this rice cooker is a complete package.

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