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10 Reasons Why You Should Get a New Roof Installed

Undoubtedly roofs are the most important feature of the house. A house without a roof is incomplete. They not only protect you from environmental factors but also impact the house’s appearance.

Roofs are generally made for longer periods. As everything needs maintenance, roofs also need care periodically to stay in your house longer. Your roof’s shape really matters. If the roof is in bad shape, your house is more likely to face leaks, hails and other problems.

But if your roof is in proper condition and maintained, this will serve as a barrier against snow, hail or rain. Having a poorly installed or damaged roof could also be a source of disturbance for your house. If you do have a damaged roof, then make a call to get a better idea of Roofing Services company.

10 benefits of a newly purchased roof for the house

Choosing the best and right roof at the right time for your house can save you time and money as well. Here are a few benefits of the newly purchased roof, which are attractive and act as a barrier against environmental conditions.

Reliable roofs with State-of-the-art technology:

In the past two decades, techniques for roof manufacturing have improved enormously. Houses built in the 70s or 80s had normal roofs with no advanced technology, and resultantly, those roofs were not as reliable as today’s modern roofs. Manufacturers have started using the latest shingles and tiles in their roofs which provides great economical and ecological benefits.

Energy efficient:

Modern roofs are built-in with modern asphalt composite shingles, which are cooler than they appear on the surface. Latest innovations empowered the manufacturers to produce shingles for roofs in a way that they reflect more sun rays rather than absorbing them and your house will stay cooler naturally without the need for air conditioners etc. A new roof will be worth buying for your house. . Dark-coloured roofs absorb more UV rays than light-coloured and save a little less on energy bills.

Safer for roof cleaning:

Cleanliness is also important for roofs when it faces storms and heavy rainfall, so poorly shaped roofs are always at risk of getting cracked or sagged, which endangers the person who cleans it. Changing the old roof at the right time is important. Roofs are modernly designed and safer to install and stay longer in your house. These roofs have additional gutter openings which don’t let the water stay on the roof. All in all, new roofs are modern and prevent problems.

Roofing Services

Increase your property value:

Are you going to sell your house? Wait, does your house have a new and maintained roof? Then your property value has increased due to this roof change. Houses with good quality and maintenance are always in demand. People like to buy those houses which don’t have any leakage issues or other problems. So newly installed roof can increase your property’s value.

Improved durability:

Roof durability is also a great concern among house owners because it can affect your house deeply. Newly constructed roofs possess great durability, whereas old roofs are always at risk of damage by high winds, storms, and hail. Even minor leaking may turn into an extensive problem.

Excellent warranty coverage:

Warranty coverage is also provided by companies which relax customers whenever they face issues. Expert roofers like Positive Roofing Service back their products and provide great service in case of any problem.

New look:

New roofs are well-shaped and apparently much pleasing, giving your house a new look. You can select the roof colour of your choice.

Peace of mind:

All the reasons stated above are crucial to consider if you have an aged roof., rather than worrying every time about your old roof. Having a reputable roofing company’s product means you are under warranty, and depending upon their terms, the warranty period may last 20 to 25 years.

Tips for maintaining roofs:

  • Inspect the shingles of your roof in depth every month.
  • Treat moss, lichen, and algae biannually.
  • Clean the blocked gutters.
  • Remove debris and leaves from your roof regularly.
  • Shorten the branches hanging over your roofline.
  • Remove the caulk around roof flashings as needed.
  • Inspect the roof in-depth. If you find any cracks repair them immediately.
  • Ensure proper insulation of your Attic.

Call us for Roofing Services Orpington if you are looking for the best new roofs.

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