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Real Raw News and Its Controversy

Real Raw News features a history of publishing made-up news reports and satire, along with promoting baseless conspiracy theories. They’ve been debunked on many occasions and are regarded by many as fake news. This information explores some of the most controversial claims created by this group, along with the controversy surrounding its content.

Michael Baxter

If you’re a lover of Michael Baxter’s Real Raw News YouTube channel, you probably have seen his videos. He runs three other websites and associated YouTube channels where he promotes far-fetched conspiracy theories. Baxter’s real name is Michael Tuffin, and he’s 53 years old.

A number of these stories derive from false information and are packed with inaccurate information. One of these simple stories is that Bill Gates was arrested for masterminding a young child trafficking ring, which can be not true. This is one of the countless false claims that Real Raw News makes on the site. Your website also promotes conspiracy theories about politicians.

While realrawnews is really a misnomer, the website’s headlines and articles in many cases are made-to-go viral. One recent article claimed that Bill Clinton had been poisoned, despite being completely untrue. It quickly gained over 700 likes.

Michael Tuffin

Michael Tuffin, who runs the Real Raw News YouTube channel, is really a controversial figure. Previously, he has warned viewers not to trust mainstream media outlets, especially those intended for conservative audiences. He has additionally accused the liberal organization PolitiFact of “waging war” against his content.

Real Raw News bills itself as an unbiased publisher that explores content that mainstream media outlets avoid. Since its come from late December of a year ago, the channel has published over 150 articles. Many of the articles, like the “Air Force pilots resigned” story, have been shared significantly more than 20,000 times across social media.

The website carries stories by Michael Baxter beneath the pseudonym Michael Tuffin. He has written significantly more than 150 stories. Your website disclaims the stories as satire, but Michael Tuffin has repeatedly maintained that the information is true.

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel joined me on Real Raw News today to talk about the company’s strategy for COVID-19 vaccine development. The 2 had a good conversation. The CEO was certain that his approach would work. I also enjoyed learning more about Moderna’s technology.

Bancel may be the CEO of Moderna, a publicly listed company. If he was arrested, the organization would need to tell its shareholders. The business isn’t allowed to cover up the news headlines or to help keep it a secret. This can be a serious problem for the company.

Moderna had been experiencing a volatile IPO, and it hadn’t released an individual product. However, Stephane’s network and connections proved crucial in the company’s survival. Luckily, the company’s scientists could actually design a vaccine within minutes. They then rushed to start human trials in Seattle.

Today, Moderna is trying to expand its business in a number of international markets, such as for example Canada and Israel. It also offers agreements with Singapore, Switzerland, and Qatar.

John Oliver
John Oliver
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