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QuickBooks Error PS060

You can run across the QuickBooks problem PS060 when utilizing the payroll service in QuickBooks Desktop. Business owners can greatly benefit from the QuickBooks application’s payroll subscription service in terms of expediting their payroll process. Payroll management can be hampered by problems like the QuickBooks error PS060, which is a natural part of the QuickBooks experience. And you can also resolve some other errors related to QuickBooks like error ps101, and QuickBooks error 103 by visiting these links.

Numerous problems could be to blame for the mistake, which we shall look into and fix in this blog. Read the entire post all the way through carefully to get rid of the annoying error code PS060.

Rarely, the QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060 manifests with the message “Current Enhanced Payroll Service is Unavailable.” In addition to impeding paycheck preparation and payroll tax calculation, QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060 also hampers payroll updates. 

This error is sometimes mistaken for other server problems that are brought on by a slow server. However, issue PS060 can be swiftly fixed if the right troubleshooting guidelines are followed. If QuickBooks Error Code PS060 prevents you from updating payroll, quickly fix the issue by using the troubleshooting techniques described further in this article.

What is QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060?

The majority of the payroll subscription-related errors in the PSXXX series are brought about by internet connectivity problems or expired payroll subscriptions. Online payroll services are impacted by error PS060, which shows the message “Payroll service is now unavailable.” Payroll mistake PS060 can be triggered by just two of the criteria listed below, in contrast to the PSXXX series of errors, which can be caused by a number of variables.

What Trigger Payroll Update Error PS060

Payroll and online services for QuickBooks Desktop Pro are only valid for three years. The error code PS060 may appear in QuickBooks if you are running an outdated version of QuickBooks Desktop that Intuit® has stopped supporting.

Incorrect credit card information prevents QuickBooks Desktop from automatically renewing your payroll subscription, which results in payroll update error PS060.

Few Important Points to Consider Before Resolving Error PS060

  • Make sure you have access to the internet.
  • You must use QuickBooks in Single-User mode while upgrading QuickBooks Desktop and payroll.
  • A current Payroll subscription is required.
  • Make sure Internet Explorer is set as your primary internet browser and that the date and time on your computer are accurate.

The Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error PS060

Verify Credit Card Information in QuickBooks Desktop

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop, then from the Product & Services box choose the payroll service.
  • On the Billing Information page, next to your payment method, click Edit.
  • Click Save and Close after entering the accurate payment information.
  • Verify the accuracy of all payroll subscription information.

For QuickBooks Online

  • From the menu at the top, choose Account and Settings.
  • Choose Billing & Subscription.
  • Click Edit on the Payment Method tab.
  • Make any required modifications to your credit card information at this time, then click Save Changes.

Troubleshoot Internet Connection Errors

For detailed troubleshooting instructions on fixing common internet connections and firewall errors, follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned in our article on Payroll Update Error 12029.

  • Using the Command Prompt, flush DNS
  • Press Windows and R simultaneously.
  • Cmd should be typed into the text box when the Run window appears.
  • In the empty black command prompt window, type ipconfig/flushdns and click Enter.
  • If you see the same Payroll Update Error PS060 after pressing Enter and attempting to use payroll again, move on to the next troubleshooting step.

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