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Quick Tips To Buy Your Next Bongs:

A few years back, buying a bong was quite a messy task, but today, you can easily place an order online and can get your preferred bongs delivered to your place. The majority of sellers have now started selling bongs and other related products through online mediums, making it easy for buyers to buy their preferred products. 

Moving on, handmade bongs are highly popular on the market these days for many reasons, and the outer designs and appearance, and advanced features are some of those important reasons. Handmade bongs are highly popular on the market and are coming out in the industry in hundreds of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. The buyer just has to buy it and make a purchase accordingly. 

Being a user, you have great options, but opting for the right products still requires your efforts. Yes, when you are looking to choose your next bong, there are some points that you always look for. We have listed down those points right in this write-up; take a look!

The Shape: 

The shape of the bong is one of the most important points you need to consider when buying a bong. Let’s check out its most basic aspects during selection; 

i.) Straight Tube: These are the most basic bongs with a neck, a cone, a downstream, and a chamber. These bongs can range in size from a few inches to several feet. 

ii.) Beakers: These are resembled to common flasks having 45-degree downstems. The base of these bongs could be rounded or square.

iii.) Bent neck: These bongs have a bent neck that restricts the water from rising up the neck and into the smoke’s mouth. 

iv.) Recyclers: Recyclers are undoubtedly beneficial. The smoke passes through multiple glass chambers before reaching your mouth.

v.) Egg water pipe: This is quite new on the market, having a unique design that splashes the water similar to a percolator. 

The Glass:

Now when it comes to the glass quality of the bong, you need to focus more. There are different types of glass used in a bong- some are of low quality, and some are quite durable. The quality of the glass can simply change the vaping experience from the same bong. Here, you need to always make sure that you buy a bong designed with top-quality glass that can last for a longer period of time. Moreover, a good quality glass bong would never alter the original flavor of your smoke.

There is more to know about glass and glass Unique Bongs For Sale, and we will discuss those details in our upcoming write-ups. Besides, while buying your next bong, make sure to consider these two points in order to get the right products in your hands. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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