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Promoting Pressure Washing Services

Pressure Washing Services are a great way to make your home or office look great. However, if you want to start offering this service to your customers, you need to learn how to best promote your business and get the most out of it. This article will give you some tips to help you do that.

Proper nozzles and tips

When washing cars or other surfaces, it’s important to choose the right nozzles and tips. The wrong nozzle can damage car paint or cause scratches. Also, the wrong pressure washer nozzle can gouge brick walls and wood decks.

There are several types of nozzles, but they all perform the same basic task: to create pressure in the water stream. They’re color coded for ease of use. Nozzles can also vary in size and shape, so it’s important to know how they work.

Nozzles come in a variety of sizes, ranging from a small, round orifice to a large, square orifice. Each size has its own purpose. For example, a red 0-degree nozzle produces a strong, concentrated stream of water that’s best for removing stains. However, it’s not suitable for most concrete surfaces.

A turbo nozzle combines the power of a 0-degree nozzle with a 25-degree spray area. This combination allows you to clean a larger area faster and minimizes your risk of damaging the surface.


When it comes to insurance, pressure washing business owners can choose from a variety of options. For example, they can get insurance for their mobile wash vehicles. But if they want a more comprehensive solution, they can opt for a commercial property policy. This protects their equipment and inventory, as well as their physical location.

Other common pressure washing business insurance options include workers’ compensation, general liability, and tools and equipment coverage. Each has its own merits, and choosing the right option will depend on your own circumstances.

Workers’ compensation will cover employee injuries, medical costs, and lost wages. Unlike personal auto insurance, it will also cover your business’ vehicles. However, if you’re a self-employed or only-worker operation, you may not need this type of policy.

If you do have an expensive piece of equipment, you may want to look into commercial property insurance. It’s also worth considering tools and equipment coverage, which will protect your costly gear at the job site.

Target older people

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Promote your business

If you own a pressure washing business, you should know that it’s essential to constantly promote your service. This can be done in a number of ways.

First of all, you must create a strong online presence for your company. Use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to get more exposure for your services. You can also create an account for your business on Google My Business.

Another way to advertise is through direct mail. The best thing about this type of advertising is that it is affordable and effective. For instance, you can send out door hangers or other promotional products such as stickers and magnets.

Lastly, you can reach out to your existing clients. If you have built a good rapport with them, they can be helpful in your marketing efforts. Sending out an email newsletter to your customers can also help you gain new paying customers.

Using these strategies, you can easily promote your pressure washing business. However, you need to have the confidence in what you’re offering. Moreover, you need to have a powerful sales pitch.

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