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Professional Sofa Cleaning Methods

Cleaning the couches in your living room or bedroom might have been on your to-do list forever. You might be putting away doing it probably because you do not know where to start. Stubborn food stains or pen marks left by your toddler on the sofa can turn into a nightmare if not removed on time. But not everybody can pull a Monica and have the skill and time for cleaning upholstery themselves. 

If you don’t think you’re up for the task, you might want to call in the professionals to do the work for you. They’d do a much better job anyways with their professional supplies and machinery. Calling the pro workers is a very easy task. For example, if you opt for sofa cleaning in Dubai, you get multiple options of either taking the couch to the factory or calling the professionals at home. Either way, your sofa gets cleaned up much better than you would be able to do at home in a few steps. 


When you call for cleaning services, they arrive as per your time preference and begin inspecting your sofa. The professionals thoroughly check the material of your sofa and the type of products and cleaning it might require accordingly. Moreover, to provide the best cleaning strategy, the inspection of any stains and blotches is carefully done and hence conclusions are drawn. 

Sanitizing and Deodorizing  

The sofas are then sanitized as per requirement which helps get rid of bacteria. Furthermore, upholstery that already smells of deodorizing can be taken care of. At an additional cost, these services can be added as per your preference since they are optional. 

Cleaning Methods 

There are various methods to achieve the best possible cleaning results depending on the type and fabric of the sofa. After inspecting the upholstery type, one of the below-mentioned methods begins the cleaning process. 

Steam Heat Extraction 

You may not be aware, but there might still be bacteria and other germs hidden in your sofa. To get rid of such microbes and dust, steam heat extraction is used at high temperatures to extract them out. Furthermore, to ensure the sofa does not have any soggy or wet after effect, excess dirt, dust, and moisture are also removed through this technology. This reduces the chances of fabric shrinkage and fast cleaning. Furthermore, in comparison to other methods, this method ensures the best cleaning and is cost-effective.  

Carbonation Cleaning 

This method leaves your sofa good as new, using stimulated natural cleaning. It takes up to 4 to 6 hours to clean with carbonated cleaning. Unlike the huge amounts used in steam cleaning, this process requires only a minute amount of the carbonated cleanser along with an effervescent effect.  

Moreover, since the carbonated bubbles easily penetrate through the fibers to remove dirt, water usage is less. These particles then lift to the surface for easy wiping. It also minimizes the chance of this grime accumulating in the future by leaving a protective barrier on the surface.  

Chemical Cleaning 

Safe chemical products which are not harsh on any type of fabric, are essential in this process. Other embedded particles and dust get out through an encapsulation method using dry shampoo. This also minimizes the drying time. You can immediately utilize the sofa after cleaning.  

Dry Cleaning 

Unlike foam cleaning, this method does not require water. Stains are removed using a chemical cleaning powder. This agent dusts across the surface. Consequently, the vacuum process begins, cleaning the sofa completely. This method is suitable for wooden materials too. Furthermore, the downtime for drying is nil.  

Foam Cleaning 

This method requires a foam solution to be applied manually to the stains. After a short resting period, the sofa vacuum process starts. This leaves the sofa fresh and clean. Moreover, moisture damage is lower in this process since the user controls the amount of foam used.  

Upholstery Protectors 

A thin layer of stain protector is already on the sofa surface when you first buy it. Over a span of time, this layer tends to erode leaving the surface vulnerable to stains and grime. Sofas are treated with these protectors once again after the cleaning process to protect them from future stains and to increase their life expectancy.  


You might have a few products to clean your sofas at home, but they won’t be as effective as the methods used by professionals. With professional cleaning machinery and protective methods, they are sure to leave your sofas as good as new.

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