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 powerful Vastu tips to bring a positive atmosphere into your home 

Repair or replace a broken watch 

According to Vastu experts, a stopped clock is a sign of lack of progress and a bad omen for your life. It contains a lot of negative emotions and energy.

Make sure the clock is running 24/7. You can compare the time the clock shows with your life. This is why we use wall clocks very carefully.

 It is important to keep the clock in good condition and always set it on time. Never set the clock backwards or forwards (even by two or three minutes!) . .

Set the clock to Santa’s location.

The Wall clocks pakistan should face north or towards Santa’s house. You may have heard this from your grandmother. A clock facing the Northern Lights is believed to bring good luck and joy.

The north direction belongs to the god Ganesha and the gold of wealth Kubera, who rules the north, while the east is said to be ruled by Devendra, the king of the gods.

The north is also ruled by Mercury, representing good communication and trade.

Buy antique wall clocks online with care.

Install wall clocks facing East.

In the past, the eastern world was known as ‘East’. In Vastu, wall clocks should be placed facing east (if this is not possible on the north side of the space).

This direction is dominated by the sun and brings quality to our actions and karma. It has long been said that food tastes better when cooked facing east. The same applies to wall clocks.

Having a clock facing east can have an impact on family relationships, thus improving the quality of work and relationships within the household.

Choosing the right type of wall clock

Worth Two recommends north-facing clocks to be metallic, gray or white. East-facing wall clocks should be wooden, as the rising sun symbolizes wood.

Pendulum clocks are preferred in homes because they swing well. Clocks with reflective glass should not be placed because they reflect light from bedroom doors and doorways, giving the impression that time is passing quickly.

The position of the clock is very important

The vastu direction of your  best wall clock in Lahore can be anywhere in the house .. South is the direction where Yama is located and Yama is considered the god of death in Hindu scriptures, so avoid placing a wall clocks in Lahore there.

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