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Planning to Buy PVC Pipes? Check Out Some Interesting Things About Them First!

PVC, also known as “polyvinyl chloride, is a type of polymer that is created from chlorinated hydrocarbons. During its native state, it’s pretty stiff and brittle. It becomes more resilient and flexible when blended with chemicals such as “plasticizers.” 

You will come across PVC plumbing pipes Philippines, which are normally made for plumbing, water delivery, and irrigation. They are sold by some of the best manufacturers in the market, and you will always get the best quality. 

Furthermore, you will also come to find plastic trench Philippines, which are normally installed in the big cities to drain out excess water, especially food water. 

The uses of PVC pipes

PVC pipes are not just utilized for plumbing but are also used for many other tasks, such as handling industrial or chemical waste, transporting water, etc. 

Due to its recyclability, cost-effectiveness, durability, and safety, these pipes are used for subsurface and above-the-ground spaces for various construction projects. 

When you paint them with UV inhibitors and stabilizers and water-based latex paint, they will stay well protected from ultraviolet radiation. That’s why they are primarily used in the outdoor setting. Substances like bases, oxidizers, acids, and salts have no effect on these pipes.

But apart from all that, they are also used for various other reasons, such as:

  • They are utilized for rainwater management 
  • The pipes are ideal for making fire sprinklers 
  • They are extremely crucial for the industrial sector 
  • You can use the pipes for fittings of different things 
  • The pipes can also be used for agricultural purposes 
  • You can use the pipes for infrastructure and various other structural material
  • These pipes are also utilized for cable insulation and coating

How are PVC pipes manufactured? 

To create the PVC pipes, all the raw materials get extruded out. The PVC goes through a specific process to create the PVC pipe. In this section, you will learn how exactly these pipes are made:

  • Step 1: Feed the powder feed or raw material to the PVC extruder 
  • Step 2: The raw materials get heated and melted in the extruder so that it’s all ready to be shaped properly. This particular material gets heated and melted in countless extruder zones.
  • Step 3: A die is then used for extruding and molding the material into the needed shape
  • Step 4: After putting it to the desired shape, the cooling process begins 
  • Step 5: Finally, the pipes get trimmed to the desired length

The Bottom Line 

PVC pipes have become a vital part of many industries. They are highly durable, can be easily recycled, and it’s available at a reasonable price. They are created carefully by professionals and are double-checked before making them available in the market. 

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