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Planet Fitness is the best place to work out on a budget!

Planet Fitness has long been the favorite gym of budget-conscious gym goers. If you are trying to build up your savings account and can’t afford that shiny, $50 per month gym membership, then Planet Fitness may be just what you need! Take a look at some of the reasons why Planet Fitness is the best place to work out on a budget!

You don’t have to break the bank

Planet Fitness offers affordable gym memberships that can be paid monthly or annually. The annual membership costs $19.99/month ($179.88/year) and the monthly membership costs $10.00/month ($120 per year). There are also no contracts, so you can cancel at any time and your payments will stop coming out of your bank account automatically. This means you’ll never have to worry about forgetting about your payments in order for them to come out automatically like other gyms do. You can sign up online for any type of membership and get started right away without having to go into a store and speak with someone directly. Moreover, Planet Fitness is, simply put, the best place to work out on Earth. Why? Because they have all kinds of amenities,

The equipment is high quality and well-maintained

Planet Fitness has all of the equipment you need for a great workout, and it’s always in good shape. The cardio section has plenty of treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes so you can find your groove. And each machine has its own TV so you can catch up on your favorite show while getting in some cardio. They also have tons of strength training machines with weights and bars to help you tone up or bulk up as needed.

And if all that weren’t enough, Planet Fitness also offers free weights and mats for those who like working out at home but don’t want to invest in their own equipment. Plus, they offer Pilates reformers for those who are looking for something different from traditional weight lifting or resistance training. If there’s anything you’ve been wanting to try, but haven’t had the time or money for (or didn’t know existed), there’s a good chance Planet Fitness has it. If not, ask one of their knowledgeable staff members – they really do know what they’re talking about!

Planet Fitness

Another perk: each location offers childcare services so parents can get a break while they’re working out without worrying about leaving their kids behind. And even better than that? Every day is kids’ day, when kids ages four-12 can play games, take fitness classes and use equipment designed specifically for them -all included in the price of admission.

There are tons of locations

The equipment at Planet Fitness is high quality and well-maintained. This means that unlike other gyms, you won’t have to worry about malfunctioning machines or broken equipment when you need it most.

This also means that your membership will give you the opportunity to get in a good workout without having to spend time looking for open machines that are in working order. Planet Fitness has more than 4,000 locations nationwide and more than 800 in Canada, so there’s sure to be one near you no matter where you live. This makes for convenient workouts and easy access at all hours of the day. They even offer 24/7 support for members! In addition, their staff offers friendly service and plenty of resources to help people achieve their fitness goals.

So if you’re interested in joining but not sure how much it costs, keep reading!

When I searched online for membership fees at Planet Fitness, I found some of them ranged from $10-$35 per month depending on your location. If those rates seem too high or low based on what you were expecting, they do provide an easy way to calculate this by entering both your zip code and how many days per week that you plan on visiting the gym.

The staff is friendly and helpful

I have been going to Planet Fitness for over two years now and it has been an awesome experience. They have many different types of exercise machines, from treadmills to ellipticals, that are all available for unlimited use. There are also personal trainers who will give you one-on-one help or can help you with small group training sessions. The staff at Planet Fitness is always friendly and helpful, even when I am having trouble deciding what workout routine or machine I should try next. I don’t feel intimidated or like I’m bothering them when I ask for help because they’re always happy to answer my questions or show me how something works.

Memberships are inexpensive and their memberships come with 10% off in their store (where they sell healthy snacks and drinks), free tanning, and access to other perks such as discounts on classes or massage. It’s never crowded so there’s no waiting around for equipment: if I want to go into an area where there is a lot of equipment, such as the weight room, I just wait five minutes until someone comes out so I can take their spot. If you want variety in your workouts but don’t want to spend too much money, then Planet Fitness is definitely worth considering.

Planet Fitness

You can find a workout for any level

The one thing that will never change about Planet Fitness is their variety of equipment. From cardio machines, to lifting machines, to free weights and more, they have it all. They also offer group fitness classes which are led by professional instructors and are available at different times throughout the day. The only downside of Planet Fitness is that they don’t offer childcare or shower facilities. There are plenty of reasons why you may want to cancel your membership with an LA Fitness Near Me.

However, this does not take away from the convenience of working out without having to spend too much money. And, you can always bring your own food and snacks with you if you need something to eat after your workout. Another good aspect of Planet Fitness is the service; employees are always friendly and willing to help! If you’re looking for a great workout facility but aren’t sure where to start – look no further than Planet Fitness. You won’t be disappointed!


The prices are incredibly affordable so there’s no reason not to stop in and check them out today! It doesn’t matter how new you are to fitness, everyone can find what they need at Planet Fitness. For example, someone who is just beginning may want to use some lighter weights while someone who has been exercising consistently might want to push themselves harder. Regardless of your level, Planet Fitness has got you covered!

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