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Physiotherapy In Clinical Practice For Long-Term COVID

A graduate in physical rehabilitation technique in 2012 and in physiotherapy in 2016. Revital Medical Frederique Daigle also holds a master’s degree in clinical research since 2020. Physiotherapist at the. Estrin University Rehabilitation Clinic (CURE), she is also a research coordinator at the Université de Sherbrooke. Where she notably developed scientific expertise in the field of long-term COVID.

In What Setting Do You Practice Physiotherapy?

I work in a care cooperative that offers occupational therapy and physiotherapy services for. Various issues such as chronic pain or neuromas culoskeletal conditions. We have also developed a specific service offer for people with long-term COVID. I would say that about 90% of my current clientele is made up of them.

How Did The Idea Of ​​Treating Long Covid Patients Come To You?

In 2020, Simon Décary’s team from the University of Sherbrooke, in which. I am clinical coordinator, launched a project aimed at long-term COVID. At the end of the project, we found that many of the patients still had needs and we hypothesized that many others might not have access to services.

Over the past two years, my research activities have been mostly focused on. Research related to long COVID. So I had some expertise. This is why an occupational therapist colleague and I have developed. A service offer dedicated to this condition in the clinic where we practice.

We have also entered into a partnership with the specialized clinic for post-COVID-19. Conditions established in Sherbrooke. I think patients benefit from being treated by several professionals who know the long COVID, at least what is known so far, and who can speak the same language.

What Types Of Treatments Do You Offer For Long COVID?

The list of impairments caused by COVID-19 can be very long. More than 200 symptoms have been listed. During our long-term COVID research project, we developed a physiotherapy assessment that targets 11 spheres and systems in the patient, such as fatigue, cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal systems, etc.

Depending on the results of this assessment, we can treat the patient to physiotherapy in all areas where we can have an effect. It can be fatigue, pain, cardiorespiratory or vestibular systems, etc. We can also refer the patient to the right professional when their problems lie outside of our expertise. The advantage in physiotherapy is that we see our patients regularly and for long enough to observe the problems and assess them properly. It is easier to do the necessary follow-ups to refer patients to the right care. This is a clear advantage for this clientele with multiple needs.

How Do You Support Patients With Long COVID In Their Progression?

In long COVID, progress is very slow. It is important to make it clear to patients that they must regulate the energy they devote to their treatment plan in order to avoid burnout and regression. When our patient understands this and the other professionals around the patient also integrate this vision, it makes a great difference in the progress of the patient.

Can You Give An Example Where Your Expertise In Physiotherapy Made A Difference In A Patient’s Recovery?

With long COVID, there are often symptoms associated with what is called postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS). This is when the heart rate rises abnormally when the person sits up or stands up. The patient often experiences dizziness, shortness of breath, throbbing sensation, etc. Two tests can be carried out to validate the symptoms: one is done in cardiology, the other in the clinic by a health professional such as a physiotherapist.

I performed this last test on a patient and reported the results to the doctor. These suggested that she suffered from this syndrome. The doctor quickly prescribed the necessary medication and the patient did not have to wait for a cardiology appointment to be treated. It helped her a lot with her symptoms. It’s those little victories that speed things up. This case also shows the great teamwork that can be put in place with the medical community in the treatment of long COVID.

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