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9 Most Important Tips For Making Your Pets Healthy

Tips to keep your pet healthy for life

Just like people, pets can enjoy long, happy lives that are full of love, adventure and good health. But they can’t do it alone.

Along with giving your dog’s lots of love and care, you have another extremely significant duty: ensuring their health. By helping your pets thrive, you’re allowing them to do their part – giving you lots of kisses, wagging tails and years of friendship. Read more about https://www.petscost.com/

Whether you’re considering adopting a cat, dog (or other animal), or are already a pet owner and want to make sure you’re doing everything you can for your pet’s health, keep reading to learn about ATX Animal Clinic’s 11 Steps to a Healthy Pet .

Step 1: Make a yearly trip to the vet.

An annual wellness check allows your veterinarian to assess your pet’s overall health and detect any potential problems. Catching a problem early and dealing with it can prevent it from becoming a bigger problem in the future. Early detection also increases the chances of solving the problem successfully and with less difficulty. Vaccination, heartworm prevention or routine deworming are important components that will also take place during a wellness visit. Annual appointments also give you an opportunity to ask your vet any questions or bring up any concerns, such as behavioral or dietary issues.

Step 2: Keep up with brushing.

Making sure your pet’s teeth and gums are healthy is another reason why it’s important to schedule an Austin vet appointment each year. The general health of your cat is significantly influenced by dental hygiene. Periodontal disease – inflammation of some or all of the deep supporting structures of the tooth – can cause pain and serious problems such as changes to the kidneys, liver and heart muscle. In addition to annual visits to the dentist, it is important to brush your dog or cat’s teeth regularly at home – as often as possible.

Step 3: Monitor your pet’s weight.

Helping your pet maintain a healthy weight goes a long way in preventing illness and injury. Some large dog breeds, such as German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers, are prone to a condition known as hip dysplasia. This skeletal condition can result in deterioration and eventual loss of hip joint function. Obesity puts a lot of stress on a dog’s joints, which can worsen the condition or cause it. As with humans, maintaining a healthy weight in pets also helps prevent the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, respiratory disease, kidney disease and some forms of cancer. Did you know that being overweight can shorten your pet’s lifespan by more than two years?

Step 4: Spay or neuter your pet.

Pet homelessness is an ongoing crisis. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), millions of cats and dogs are sadly euthanized each year due to animal overpopulation and a lack of adoptions.

In addition to helping reduce the number of unwanted births of puppies and kittens, spaying or neutering provides several health benefits. Neutering dogs and cats helps protect them from uterine infections and cancer, while neutering males can reduce their risk of developing an enlarged prostate (known as benign prostatic hyperplasia) and testicular cancer.

Step 5: Protect your pet from annoying parasites.

Fleas, ticks and mites are notorious for causing problems for pets, but with prevention on your side, you can keep these pesky critters at bay. It is important to consult with your veterinarian about an appropriate flea and tick prevention plan.

Also check regularly for fleas, ticks and coat abnormalities whenever you groom your dog or cat. Be aware that your pet scratches, chews or licks their fur excessively, or scratches their ears frequently, which is a sign of a problem. If you notice anything unusual, seek advice from your vet.

Treating parasites immediately reduces your pet’s discomfort, reduces the likelihood of disease transmission to other pets, and can reduce the degree of home infestation. Did you know that female fleas start laying eggs within 24 hours of choosing your pet as a host, producing up to 50 eggs each day?

Step 6: Get them moving.

Regular exercise for your pet does wonders for their physical and mental well-being (as well as yours!) Not only do daily walks and other outdoor activities help maintain muscle tone and joint health, but they provide great mental stimulation for your pooch when he or she is. he smells, sees, hears and explores the environment around him. How much exercise a dog or cat needs each day depends on its age, health and breed. The Belgian Malinois and Border Collie, for example, are high-energy breeds that require a lot of exercise. Older dogs and low-energy breeds such as bulldogs require less exercise.

Step 7: Keep current on vaccines.

Vaccinating your dog against potentially fatal diseases such as distemper, parvo and rabies is vital to his health. Cats should also be vaccinated against rabies and feline leukemia virus (a cause of severe immune suppression and death in cats) and other diseases. In addition to the prevention of diseases that can be transmitted between animals and also from animals to humans, some vaccinations, specifically against rabies, are required by law.

Step 8: Socialization is important.

The early months of a puppy’s life (about 7 weeks to 4 months of age) are an important time for socialization. Early socialization and exposure to people, places, sounds, smells and situations have a positive effect. Proper socialization can prevent a dog from becoming constantly afraid of children or driving, for example, and reduces the likelihood of antisocial or aggressive behavior as an adult.

Step 9: Microchip your pets.

Microchipping your dog or cat is a simple procedure that involves implanting a small microchip between the shoulder blades. The chip is inserted beneath the skin with a hypodermic needle; no anaesthesia nor surgery are needed. This rice-sized chip contains an identification number that is linked to a registry database with your contact details.

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